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TEAS V practice test vs real test

by ChelseyHudgins ChelseyHudgins (New) New

Hi guys!!! I am an aspiring nurse and I am scheduled to take my TEAS soon. Can you guys give me some information if you took the practice test. Was it more difficult than the real test?


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Test in manual: easier than actual test although an accurate representation of the types and distribution of types of questons.

Test in online tests: close to the actual test. Worth the money.

I used books from my local library. I was able to check them out and have them for as long as I needed. It is "paper/pencil" but worth the time. There are so many to study from and I thought they really helped...Best of luck to you!!!

Hey guys thanks for your input. I am talking about the online test from ati.

I've read many times where someone has said that the online test was more difficult than the actual test.

Personally, I didn't feel that there was a difference in difficulty. So I think the difficulty level between the 2 will really be your own personal opinion.

The tests are very similar. The online test will prepare you as far as what to expect for the actual test. There were really only 2 differences in the test.

Practice: The time counted up throughout the whole test, timing how long it takes in general to take the whole thing. (I used this to calculate how long it took me per section. There are 150 questions.

Actual: Each section has an allotted time. The time counts down in each individual section. There are 170 questions.