TEAS V - How to tackle?


Hey everyone on Allnurses!

I am currently enrolled at Laguardia Community College and aiming to get into their nursing program. It has been a long journey and I am at the point whereas I need to take the TEAS V before applying for the program.

To my knowledge, the TEAS V will consists of elements in ENG,READ,MATH, and (BIO,PHYS,CHEM). I have the study guide for the TEAS ATI book but I have not taken CHEM yet. I will, however, be taking CHEM this coming semester.

My question is, should I wait till I finish chem to take the TEAS or should I just use the study guide, go over some basic chem stuff online (self-teach) and just attempt the exam? Will it be sufficient enough?

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I can tell you that I took my TEAS after I took chemistry and I did well on it. I also used the TEAS study guide. Do you have the practice tests? If so, I suggest that you take the practice tests and see how you do. If you are passing then maybe you don't have to wait to take chemistry but if you are borderline on the practice tests, then I think it's a good idea to take chemistry before trying. Hope this helps.


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Did you feel like you needed to have taken CHEM first prior in taking the TEAS?


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It's not chem heavy. I did fine on the test without having taken a class. The bits of chem that you get in the biology courses should be sufficient. Have you taken those yet?


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I am due to take my TEAS in a couple of weeks. I have been studying for over a month, and I have also taken chem. Based on the ATI handbook I would say that the chem portion is front end concepts. Meaning, you will not need to go through an entire semester to understand chemistry on the TEAS. Most of what I've read in the manual (ionization, bonds, balancing equations) is covered during the first several weeks of a chem class. However, do not underestimate chemistry, because it can be a tad difficult to grasp at first. Go to youtube and search for anything you do not understand and then make sure you can apply the concepts.

The good news is that I've heard there aren't a ton of chemistry questions, although there are different versions of the test, so you never know what you are going to get.

Good luck!


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There weren't too many chem questions on the exam. However I will say that it can be kind of difficult to teach yourself the basics if you haven't taken the class in awhile/at all. I don't think it's necessary to finish the class first in order to do well, but it could certainly benefit you! Studying is very doable though, there are a ton of videos and resources that can help you with all sections of the exam. Good luck!


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Thank you everyone for your replies, this has really been helpful!! Now I have a better idea of what will be on the exam.

Could I take it and not apply yet or will they see ALL of my results?


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You got this. I go to LGCC too and I didn't take a Chem class or biology class either and got a 77% on the science. You need over a 41. Just study with science portion that you dont know with whatever method you like.

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As far as waiting until you're done with your current chem class to take the TEAS exam- I think that'll depend on how comfortable you feel with the material.

I took intro to chemistry at time when I was considering a change in majors; it's not a requirement for the DPN program at my school. (I quickly realized I just don't like the subject, which led to a whole lot of other life related realizations :woot:.) In any event, what I learned in intro to chem definitely came in handy when I took my TEAS. The science section of the exam is pretty broad. And since you have the manual, I agree that going through the science section (all of them, actually) would be the most beneficial to you right now. The review portions of the book do offer up the basic concepts of what you can expect to see on the exam as well as some practice problems. There's practice tests as well, which for me were worth their weight in gold. Good luck!!


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My advice is you get two shots. So if you feel unsatisfied with your score in a particular area, get the booklet, and use your schools tutoring center if you can. Its what I am doing. I got in the 93 percentile in science, but only scored in the 70th percentile overall because of my poor English score. IN PARTICULAR I scored poorly in information source content so I have been seeing tutors. I identified my weakness, and I am now working to improve it.