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I posted this in the general nursing forum but because i am a pre-nursing student I think I'll post it here to just to see if any of you other pre-nursing students have taken the teas test.

I'm taking (for my first time) my TEAS test next friday and I am soooo nervous. I'm generally not very good at test testing and tend to overthink it sometimes. I purchased the Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam Book to study off from. I have been learning and remembering things (especially the math portion, which is my worst subject by the way!).

I know there are a lot of threads out there about the teas test but I am worried! I tried doing some of the math problems given on the practice exam in the Kaplan book and they are hard and i'm struggling with them. I just want to know if the math is straight forward or complicated (with a lot of thinking going into trying to solve the problems)??? Especially the word problems, they're the toughest for me. :scrying:

And also, I want to know if there are a lot of anatomy or physiology questions on the test. I know each test do vary but if you have taken the teas before, how was the science portion of the test??

And at my school, we're allow to take the teas test 2 more times after the first time if we happen to not pass it the first time. I'm just wondering how long you have to wait to retake it again if you don't pass it the first time. I believe it varies by school but I want to know how long the wait was for you guys.



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I'm with ya'! I need to take it at some point but my school is currently switching from the NET to TEAS and my advisor said to wait a bit for things to even out. I've got the Kaplan book but am trying not to get too worked up!

Did you try the search function at the top? I know someone recently posted a pretty good breakdown of what her TEAS-taking experience was like. I will try to find it!



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Found it: https://allnurses.com/pre-nursing-student/my-teas-experience-411258.html

California Kid, if you want to PM her. She sounds very helpful!


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If at all possible, get the TEAS test book and work on the math fror there. It pretty much covers whats on the test. The math isn't too bad. Why i suggest the TEAS book is to study the English,reading and spelling. You may have forgotten some of the quirky rules in the English language. The hardest porition to study for is science. There was very little A & P on the TEAS. Lots of chemistry, some physics, earth science etc. I know I thought that it would be lots of A & P but it wasn't. I guess they are testing your overall knowledge, not just knowledge pertaining to nursing. Also, you can take a pretest on their website for around $30.00. It might be money well spent so you can understand the format the test is going to come at you with.


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It wasn't that hard but you gotta be fast and not to be nervous!!!

Wish you luck


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Good luck, I am taking it August 21st. I too am studying from the Kaplan book, the TEAS study guide as well as a study guide called Nursing School Enrance Exams. Studying for it seems kinda overwhelming. Let me know how you do.


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go to testpreview.com it has a lot of sample questions that will help you out. Also brush up on your science which a lot of people do not study they just focus on the math and english. The math was easy, make sure you know everything up to algebra. With the math make sure you pace yourself correctly so many people ran out of time on the math. Good luck!

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