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Hey, I'm new here and I'm pretty sure that there are a million posts about the teas. I'm taking mine on July 20th, 2017 to apply to umass boston nursing program (bsn) or northern essex community college nursing program (rn). I got the Mometrix and mcgraw books with practice tests and the ATI practice tests but honestly, I have no idea how to start studying for it, I do more stressing than studying and I know it's stupid haha!

I know that every test is probably different but could anyone link a thread that talks about what subjects I should really focus on, like the harder parts of the test? Is the math section hard?

FYI: I took alot of anatomy classes in HS and a biology class but i barely remember biology, and I had two semesters in community college so I took anatomy and chemistry (both college level)

Thanks, hope I make sense!

From: A very stressed and anxious student. Lol.

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Not only are there a lot of threads about the TEAS, there's actually an entire forum dedicated to it. I've asked to have your thread moved there for more relevant responses, but you'll likely find lots of information in the posts that are already there too.


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Thread moved to TEAS forum.

I suggest taking one of the ATI practice tests to see where you stand (as they are almost exactly like the real thing.) Then based off of your scores in each area, you will know which areas you need to focus on. For me, the only area I was lacking in was science. A really good book to study from is the Kaplan ATI teas book. It's very helpful and gives you tips on how to take the test. Anatomy Crash course on youtube is also helping me with the science. As far as the other sections, the books you have should help with that, and the Kaplan one is good for that as well. Good luck!

Oh, one more thing. The math section is not hard as long as you know basic algebra. The science section was the toughest for me. It is mostly A&P with some chemistry. Again... Good luck!

Thank you SO MUCH! I feel relieved!


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