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Has anyone recently takenthe TEAS for the RN program? If you would be kind enough to share your overview on the experience I would much appreciate it. To bridge from LPN, I have to take it. I scored really well, compared to the other applicants I guess, on the LPN version a couple of years ago and only studied for a few nights due to final exams in regular classes. I'm thinking I don't really need to get my knickers in a knot over this, right? I tend to test pretty well and this is really stuff we should already know, is that correct? Thanks for any info you can offer. Jules

Jules A, MSN

Specializes in Family Nurse Practitioner.

Anyone take it recently? Thanks, Jules

Hi Jules! I took the Teas and only got an 85 but I've heard my friends say that it depends on the "pool" of students who take the test that day or that week. Basically I think you're compared to students who take it within a certain time period. I know that they ask you which program your taking it for so maybe that has something to do with the score too...

Aside from that.. i think that the math, english and reading are basic.. the science is a little tough because i dont think many people remember all the details from A&P hope that helps!

Hi Jules,

I took the teas in August and it really wasn't that bad. The science and reading portions were fairly simple and I scored really well on the critical thinking. I had a difficult time on the math because I am a little slower and it is timed. It was a lot of ratios and precents. I am actually a solid math student and was surprised. I think as long as you refresh yourself a bit you'll do well. It don't think it's really a test you can study much for. Good luck!

AshNeha113- your friends are probably talking about the "Percentile Rank - Program" score when you receive your TEAS test results. that is the score that compares the students within that program. however, the "adjusted composite score" does not compare your score to anyone else. that score is pretty much only determined by how many questions you answered correctly.

i took the TEAS test in september and got an adjusted composite score of 92%. i bought the study book, but i didn't really study from it. the only sections i looked at was math and science, just to see what type of questions they would be asking. it's nothing to freak out over and i'm sure you'll do great. good luck on the test!

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