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so i have to take the teas exam in june, and im wondering

1. how much chem and physics is actually on the teas?

(i have a bio degree and a strong dislike for those two subjects, i have taken chem I& II and orgo I&II and physics I&II, and passed and hated it, and its been at least 3 years since i went near those two subjects at all)


on the ATI website, they have a study manual and an online test package for 2 tests for about 100 dollars.

2. will i be able to get by on the study manual (like 50 dollars?) on its own + online free tests

or should i buy the whole package for 100 dollars?

thanks! and any tips would be GREATLY appreciated!


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I took mines this past friday. I had no physics questions and maybe a few chem. Questions. Most of mines were on biology. Scientists questions. Cells. And anatomy. Also some questions on mines were in the study guide. Practice questions.


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thank you :)


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Sorry. Meant to say scientific*

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I took my TEAS last Monday. Sitting here looking at the study manual, ATI states that Earth/Physical Science has 14 scored questions, 9.3% of test items. I didn't remember having any physics questions, but it killed me on chemistry. Acids/bases, chemical bonds, and balancing reactions. :[

I bought the whole study package way back when they had a special price. It-- along with youtube-- was my only study guide. The book covered the test questions verbatim, and the book's 2 included tests also drilled me with the same specific subjects. Personally, I found the online tests completely worth it. They were set up exactly as the actual test and gave rationales for correct/incorrect options after each problem. By the time I sat down to do the real thing, I felt well versed in my time management, the feel of the test, and even saw questions that were eerily similar to the practice ones. That said, $100 is a lot. Yet, I also don't know of any free online TEAS practice tests.

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I also forgot, if you wanted the online tests but are worried about price, perhaps you could look up a used copy of the book to free up some money for the online tests?


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Get the study guide it really helps! I didn't bother with the practice tests though. My school hasTEAS prep books in the library too.


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thank you all for the comments :)

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