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  1. noelusb1

    Wasted 23 Years As A CNA

    What a great read. At first I thought it was a story telling, and didnt know it was about your life. Im speechless. Best of luck in all of your endeavors.
  2. noelusb1

    ATI Live review/Predictor Score

    We took the live predictor last day of class. Got a 53 percent chance lol. I was just clicking to just be clicking. When i took my boards, ati questions were no where comparable to the nclex. I passed, w. The help of uworld
  3. noelusb1

    Pvt. Heart palpitation. Nclex

    Exactly Same here. I loveeee uworld lol. Congrats to you too. I know you passed!!
  4. noelusb1

    Uworld percentage

    47% passed . Did 1800 q on uworld. 112-114 question on nclex.
  5. Uworld and lacharity. Uworld for sata and delagation and lacharity book for priority and delegation. U will be set. !!
  6. noelusb1

    For those of you who have used UWORLD please help

    Nclex is no where near harder than the uworld. Atleast for me it wasnt. I averaged a 47 w. 1800 questions. Went up to maybe 112-114. Make sure you are on point with your priority questions.
  7. noelusb1

    Pvt. Heart palpitation. Nclex

    So i've been coming into this section ever since i graduated nursing school, and it has given me the confidence to walk into the testing site like i owned it lol. Anyway, i first started studying with ati because it was free. I also had uworld, and eventually ditched ati to the side. I studied for 2 months. 1 month was on and off and the last month was studying straight through. (Library lifestyle). I scheduled myself to take the test on the 25th, of July. Based upon what my classmates stated, about your license being visable the following day, i chose to look up my name on the bon. Thats when the heart paliptations appeared because my status still stated pending. I was so crushed. I ended up doing the pvt trick and got the "good pop up" twice. Now i felt like i was in limbo because on one hand the gd pop up appeared and on the other hand my license was still pending. This morning, i checked my bon and it still said pending meanwhile my friend who took hers the same day as me but at an earlier time had her license posted. I decided to do the quick results, (which i had to wait another 4 more hours lol) and found out i passed. I went back to my bon site and saw my license up. I swear i almost had an anxiety attack. Very dangerous 😢😢😢 lol. U world and lacharity book were my best friends for the last 3 weeks I had alot of priortization questions and about 15 sata. Had a couple of med questions and a few maternity questions. I went up to 112-114 question. Good luck to everyone that will be taking theres soon. I HIGHLY SUGGEST UWORLD AND LACHARITY BOOK. Although uworld is much harder than the actual test, the rationales are THE BEST out of any review class. (My opinion).
  8. noelusb1

    NJ license

    A classmate of mine license number was posted 2 days after she took the nclex.
  9. noelusb1

    Anyone starting at MHSON in 2014

    Is anyone plan on taking the challenge test for essential? . I've been reading the chapters, and this material seems more of a fundamentals course (hence the textbook) as oppose to a cna class.
  10. noelusb1

    Anyone starting at MHSON in 2014

    lol thats not cool, regarding their attitudes lol. Dont you get two tries if you fail a class, and then after you get kicked out if you dont pass?.
  11. noelusb1

    Anyone starting at MHSON in 2014

    I believe it's first come first serve; as long as your pre req are completed, and you received a 60 or better on the teas. Deadline was the 15th I believe.
  12. noelusb1

    Anyone starting at MHSON in 2014

    same here
  13. noelusb1

    MHSON 2014

    When did you take your teas?
  14. noelusb1

    teas study guides question

    Sorry. Meant to say scientific*
  15. noelusb1

    teas study guides question

    I took mines this past friday. I had no physics questions and maybe a few chem. Questions. Most of mines were on biology. Scientists questions. Cells. And anatomy. Also some questions on mines were in the study guide. Practice questions.