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TEAS Study guide


Hello all fellow seekers,

What is the best TEAS study guide? How is that test in relationship to the NET test?

I love this site, It is helpful to have the support of all fellow students, teachers, and seekers. THANK YOU:yeah:

I have taken both the NET and the TEAS in the past 3 months. The NET was easier in some ways and more difficult in others. The math on the NET was easier, but the reading section was reasonably difficult. On the TEAS, the math required a lot more specific information like knowing conversions(quarts, meters, etc...).

The tests are definitely comparable. If you are prepared for one, you are most likely prepared for the other. The best piece of advice I can give is to go online and find a middle school math website that has practice questions. That's all I did and I did well on both. Oh and also take a stop watch to the tests... keeping track of time is very important.

In regards to study guides, I didn't get a study for the TEAS so I can't recommend one. I hope this helps!

smellyacres, BSN, RN

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There is only one official TEAS study guide and its sold on the ATI website.

I graduated from college nine years ago. Took the TEAS Friday, Jan.9th. The test was a breeze. I studied for two weeks using the ATI TEAS Guide and a little of the Kaplan Nursing School Entrance Exam. Kaplan was a little more difficult. Time yourself with every test you take in ATI or both books. Give yourself a minute per question. If you can complete the test in a timely matter you will do well. Time seems to pass faster during the math section. It is due to some of the questions being so wordy (is that a word). I will not know my scores until Monday or Tuesday. I took the pencil/paper exam at Kennesaw State University in GA. Good Luck to everyone!!!

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