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TEAS results "blocked"?

I took and passed the TEAS V at a school I was interested in, but when I log in to ATI it says my results are blocked; although it does give me the option to send the transcript to other schools. Will I ever be able to view the results if I don't go with this school? I was shown my results right after I took the test, but I was not given a copy.

My results appear on the ATI website.

I took the TEAS V exam 3 times. The first 2 attempts, I was able to access & view my scores with no problem. However, when I took it a third time, I went online to access my results because I needed to send them to a prospective nursing school, and I was not able to even look at the score. It said "blocked/disabled by instructor." I contacted the customer service help center via email and they told me that I would have to contact the school because it is something that they did on their. I never contacted the school I took the TEAS at to inquire about this because I kind of stumbled upon away around it. Since the nursing school I was applying to only accepted official transcripts directly from ATI, and not a copy of the scores (I had already viewed my score by the way. They provided me with 2 copies after the test was over. I made and scanned/saved a copy to my computer so that I would always have it.), but like I was saying, the school only accepted official test transcripts delivered electronically from ATI. So under my blocked scores, I clicked on "share results". After paying the fee for the test transcript and entered all the necessary info, my purchase was complete. They will send a receipt and confirmation email. Within the confirmaton email is an ATTACHMENT, this attachment is a PDF copy of your scores! Be sure not to look past it, because I almost did. You can download and save the file, or you can print it out...or both. Hope this helps! PS, if you don't want to send the scores to another institution and just want to see your scores, I would suggest contacting the school you took the exam at.

RichlyBlaq, ASN

Specializes in ICU, CCU.

You're a life saver. I was beginning to panic, wondering why they wouldn't allow me to see my scores. At the testing facility they asked me if there was a school I wanted it sent to but I was so frazzled after the exam I wasn't thinking and told them I hadn't applied anywhere yet. By default they sent it to their own institution (which I never had interest in applying for) for free, gave me an official copy as well as an unofficial copy.


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