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Hi, the LPN program at my community college requires that you score at least a 50% on the TEAS exam. What did you guys score on the TEAS exam? What was your school requirement? Did you get in if you got the passing score? How hard did you study, and what do you think I should study the most for. I been doing a little search on the board about the teas, but would like some updates. Any and all answers welcome, thanks.


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I scored a 73.7 or close to it...don't recall the exact score. My college required a 53% (I think). I got in and just graduated! :yeah: I didn't study at all. I found the most difficult parts to be the life science part....I had stuff about plants and photosynthesis and the sort... If you have the TEAS study guide, I would study the parts that you are weaker in.

Good luck. :)


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My school required a 75.My first attempt I got a 74.7 :crying2: which was devastating! Second attempt I got a 86 but still wasnt accepted into the program I was applying for (LPN-RN bridge). I would study a lot of math (metric conversions, celcius/farenheit conversions, fractions and percentages. But there are going to be some really random off the wall questions too. I had one question asking me about the type of fault line in a tectonic plate beneath the earths surface and I couldnt help but wonder how in the hell knowledge of geographic plates determines my ability to learn and become a good nurse? Good luck


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I remember doing excellent on the reading part 99% and then in the 70s on science. Mine had a lot of tectonic plates and sedimentary rock also. I did not study but I believe we also had to get 50%.


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Stephc1973 thanks and congrats on graduating, hope you find your ideal job....optimist thanks also, I been studying the math and English, but the science is what is really getting to me...thanks once again


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Ours was weighed in relationship to our GPA in pre-requisites (BSN program) but I have not met anyone that had lower than a 70 and was admitted. You can buy a study guide for pretty cheap that has some practice tests in it, which would tell you what areas you are weakest in. Then you could brush up on those areas. Good luck!


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Hey there!

My school requires a 68 and I got 92.7 on the TEAS V. I didn't really study aside from a brush up on the "weird" topics like tectonics, metric conversions, cloud formations, etc. But I've also taken a lot of extra biology/chemistry/math classes that have really helped to prepare me for some of the hard questions on the exam.

The hardest section for me was the science section. It wasn't so much that the actual question was difficult but that there were a lot of "well it could be either of these answers" and then you just have to try to choose the "most right".

I definitely recommend reading the sticky in the Pre-nursing forum called Studying for the TEAS. There is so much good information in there to help guide your studying.

Good luck! Just try your best! :)


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I was somewhere in the bottom 90s if I remember correctly... 50% seems pretty low, I'm sure you can easily achieve that. I bought the book "McGraw-Hill's Nursing School Entrance Exams". It had some tips and questions to study for the test, it was helpful.


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The best advice is definitely to buy a TEAS study guide. Take the practice test included and see which areas you should devote your time to.


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Well I was upset after I took my first attempt for the TEAS V. I was 5.4% away from the required percentage to get accepted at my school guaranteed (with a wait list available). the hardest part for me was the Scienc and Math. I was FREAKING out about the reading and language and reading was my highest score. There was a lot of fractions which I am not good with and in science there was earth/life science, chemistry and physics. I am very confident I can pass next time around though. I didn't even study (this is my first attempt ever) to see what would I do with out stuying and was not that bad for being 5.4% away so.

the teas science section would be easier if the study guide was more of an accurate reflection of whats going to be on the exam. the online practice questions aren't hard, its just that if the material was in the study guide to begin with you would have known the answer to it


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I'm in California, and the average score to get into state schools are above 89%. I'm waiting to hear back, but I scored 91.3%, so I am optimistic :)