TEAS prepare book???


I just took the Kaplan test and didn't do very well on the reading part since I am not a native language speaker (got 77% but required 80%, one more wrong!!!).

Now I need to retake the test and decide to take TEAS this time because the label reading part seems easier to me.

To prepare this test, I found a book called "Secret of the TEAS" at the library, just wonder anyone here used this book before? Is the practice tests similar to the real exam? How is the reading part?

I was gonna purchase the ATI one because a lot of people here recommend it but I just searched on amazon and found many complaints about the newest version. Anyone has both 5th and 6th version? What's the difference between these two?

And anyone has any other books good to go with? Especially for the reading part!!!

Thanks so much and good luck to everyone!!!


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The 6th exam starts in August, and will be more difficult in the math section. You will be able to use a calculator. As for the reading, I wrote the HESI and the TEAS, and the TEAS was more difficult. The reading section is very confusing. If you are writing before Aug, get the 5th edition. Good luck, as the test is not easy.


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I have the ATI practice book for TEAS V and loved it. Practice tests are exactly like the real thing. Would recommend.

I have all the books you mentioned. :) To decide which book you want, you'll have to decide if you can take the TEAS before the end of August because the test changing.

If you take the TEAS V, you have until the end of August. That's the 5th book. The ATI TEAS is the new version of the test, which is the 6th book. The reading, math, and science sections are all pretty different, so a book for the 5th version won't really help you with the 6th version. Same with other study guides like your library book. The Secrets book is good--just be sure you look at an official ATI book or practice test, too, so you can get a feel for the style. Some people think the ATI books aren't detailed enough, which is why it's great you found another book at the library! Multiple books can help you fill in blanks.

When you take the reading section, make sure you are comfortable finding the main idea, because it will help you will a lot of passage questions. Good luck!!