WSU Nursing Spring 2018 GPA and TEAS score concerns.

  1. Hi everyone, I am new to the website and I have some questions to ask. Thank you for your sharing. I deeply appreciate !
    I just have my TEAS exam and got 72.7%, my overall GPA is roughly 3.75-3.8 (since I attend 2 colleges at the same time) , my nursing GPA is about 3.75-3.8 also.
    I got ~450 volunteerhours of woking as a Health Scholar in Swedish Medical Center (~320 hours), Donor Monitor at Bloodworks Northwest (~50 hours) and a Biology Tutor at my current community college (~150 hours).
    Since reading the blog gives me the idea of WSU just looks at my score is making me terrified since my grade and TEAS is not that good compared to other applicants.
    Can anyone give me any advices ?
    Thank you a lot !!!
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    MOved to TEAS forum
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    Thank you !
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    Welcome to AN! I would recommend calling the college's academic center or admissions office to ask these questions. They will have the most up to date information for you. If you find out that your TEAS score is not competitive, buckle down, study and retake it. Best of luck to you.
  6. by   Julia P.
    Thanks a lot ! I will try to call them and ask about that. Thank you for suggestion !
  7. by   ivybui
    Hi there!

    I emailed --------------- to ask the same question few weeks ago. He said they chose the application base on:

    1. Prerequisites GPA
    2. Cumulative GPA and interview score
    3. TEAS score.

    So TEAS is the lowest consideration. I might say your GPA is quite good so keep faith! We're gonna receive interview letter within a week. Good luck!
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  8. by   Julia P.
    Thanks a lot ! Sorry for get back late since I miss the notification via email.
    I am waiting for the interview letter and also write down what I should do after that if I don't get accepted.
    Thanks for the really helpful information ^^
  9. by   stephaniek1
    If you dont mind me asking, which brand did you apply for?