What's considered a good score on the TEAS V?

  1. How much weight is given to this test? I scored 120/150 which is 80% correct.
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  3. by   Okami_CCRN
    If you look at the breakdown that is e-mailed to you, you can get a rough estimate. Some of the national means are at around 60-70% for the four sections, So with a score of 80% I'd say you did pretty damn well.
  4. by   nursingfornurses
    Well it depends on what's considered competitive at your college. Some nursing schools don't even let applicants apply if they didn't score at least a 70% on the TEAS. Other schools require you to have a passing score of at least a 62%. But in my personal opinion you did really good! Job well done!
  5. by   I♥Scrubs
    It depends on the test you take. One test may be harder than another one someone else has taken. I got a 69% on the TEAS and my school only looks at each section with a score of 45 or higher. I got a 96% on the reading and I was not able to finish the math, I had a page and a half left but I believe I got a 63% which I guess is good considering I didn't finish, they told me previously they didn't look at the science section so I didn't worry about it much, and I'm not sure what happened on the English/Language usage, I had been doing very well on that section in the practice tests. With that said my percentile rank program-wise was 80% which tells me that was a decent score. Also the people who looked over my results said I did "Very well". I was not happy with my score but they seemed to be, and that's all that matters. :]
  6. by   LittleTexas
    I got 84%, which put me in the 99th percentile for the program (LVN) and 95% for national. I would say 80% is pretty high. I'm actually retaking it in two days because I wasn't sure if my score was good enough. I realize it probably is, but I've already paid for the dang thing, so I'm taking it again.
  7. by   coley122885
    This is the national average score for each section as of yesterday. Individual programs may have higher or lower scores.
    TEAS Reading 70.5%

    Paragraph and Passage Comprehension

    Informational Source Comprehension
    TEAS Mathematics 69.0%

    Numbers and Operations 70.3%

    Algebraic Applications 69.0%

    Data Interpretation 65.1%

    Measurement 64.6%

    TEAS Science 53.6%

    Human Body Science 60.9%

    Life Science 53.4%

    Earth and Physical Science 53.9%

    Scientific Reasoning 65.2%

    TEAS English and Language Usage

    Grammar and Word Meanings in Context

    Spelling and Punctuation 60.1%

    Structure 69.5%

    This was taken directly from my score report for the TEAS V taken 9/18/12.
  8. by   hudabelle
    At the school near me (Bellevue College in WAstate) you need an average of 98% to get in, they don't post this but the average for the students the past 2 years has been 98% (without being put on a waitlist, the waitlist is only there for IF one of the people who got in bail). At a school a bit further away you need a 90%. But this area, western WA, is VERY competitive and only the first school I mentioned uses it as THE "decider" to get in. The others are mostly by points and the higher your score the more points you get so you have a better chance but you also have other ways to get points to get in. Two other schools, one in Seattle and one on the peninsula, want you to have a minimum in each section to apply but it doesn't decide whether you get accepted to the school.
  9. by   proudtobehismommy
    I don't know if it's true, but I was told by someone at a local college in the nursing department that the national average is only updated once a year. Also, scores completely vary. I read the above score saying they need a 98% to get in, while at one of the schools in a city over from me you simply need to be at the national average which is 64.3 right now!
  10. by   seriouslyserious
    from what i remember, there was a newer version implemented a year or 2 ago. bit more difficult and the scores were weighted. basically, you received a couple of extra percentage points for TEAS V vs. TEAS IV (i think this is the 5th revision?)

    i scored 100% at math, and 70% for sciences... IMO, you cannot study for the science section unless you want to memorize a couple of textbooks. they ask some random questions... i had 5 different study guides. what i bombed was the critical thinking and the grammar portions. i have a bachelor degree, i passed freshman English with a B, and passed my graduation writing test the first time i took it. go figure...

    not sure how these pre-entrance test correlate to nursing...
  11. by   hudabelle
    The schools I mentioned do not "require" a 98% to get in but that is the average score of the students that are accepted. They have much lower actual standards. It's up to who applies when you're applying. If everyone who applies has 80-80% then the average will be lower that year.
  12. by   Charrison19
    Were you able to get into the nursing program with your score?