Teas 6 exam

  1. I'm taking the teasvi exam on the 24th of this month. I got the ati book which has many mistakes, I also purchased pretest A&B. After reading all the comments got very overwhelmed because I heard that the pretest A&B are very similar to the actual test! How true is that?
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  3. by   Shanti1993
    I am also set to take my test on the 24th. I've been studying from the teas 6 manual as well as my A & P lab manual. I also heard that the pretest a&b are helpful, sadly i can't afford it. I think you should purchase it if you can so that u will have a general idea of what the test is like.
  4. by   Eden111
    I just took the TEAS on the 6th. the actual test is nothing like the ATI practice test A and B. its more in depth and detailed. I scored lower than the practice tests. many people here say its best to refer to your A&P textbooks to study. Good luck to both of you!
  5. by   instax_
    I purchased both practice exams A&B from the ATI website. I only had time to take test A and I felt like it was a lot harder than the actual exam. However, I took the exam before studying at all so I could focus on my weaker points. I scored a 69% on the practice exam but a 82% on the actual TEAS. It was my first time taking the TEAS and I haven't taken Anatomy or Physiology yet. Honestly most of the information you need to know is from the ATI manual! There were a few questions in the science portion that wasn't covered however such as the layers of the skin and such.
  6. by   JumanaO
    Thanks for the info @Annie Vo, I wonder if teas exam is different from one state to another I did go over the practice tests and did fine, now I'm reading ATi secrets study guide just to make sure I'm not missing any topics. @ Shanti1993 good luck to you too please let me know how you do in the test. @classof2019 again I wonder if each state has different levels of exam.
  7. by   Eden111
    thats a good question. I did contact ATI after i took the exam and was told there are several versions of the test but they are all similar. I felt as if the practice tests were way easier than the actual test and lots of material that the ATI study manual does not cover so the mometrix is a good second source of studying. good luck on your test
  8. by   JumanaO
    I hope ATI will do something about it, because thete are so many complaints. Thank you I will post a very detailed info about my teas version 6 experience on the 24th.
  9. by   Eden111
    Good luck!! you got this!!
  10. by   vanessa234ish
    If you want to do well on the teas, the teas manual is they key. I only used that and only studied some, just to have an idea of what to expect and made an 80%. Theres a lot of anatomy in the science section so really study that.
  11. by   blasphemouspagan
    I took the TEAS VI a few days ago and scored an 82%... I could have done better but no matter. I'll break down my impressions for you.

    ATI Study Guide & Practice tests: The ATI study guide is very detailed in areas it could be less and less detailed in areas it should be more. For example, the actual TEAS math is INCREDIBLY easy. I think I scored a 98 in that section. Its more or less 10th-grade algebra with some common sense thrown in. I took the practice test the day before the actual test and scored an 87, I believe it was a bit easier than the actual test.

    Reading: I felt like this part was okay, the questions may confuse you if you try to read them quickly and answer. If you ever feel like two answers could be correct ask yourself, "what is it REALLY asking" usually that helps. I think the most difficult part for me was identifying the types of readings they presented. They will give you a passage and ask what type of passage it is: narrative, expository, entertaining, analytical etc. I think it's very difficult in most of them to differentiate.

    Math: Brush up your decimal and fraction game, that's pretty much it.

    Science: This is not a section you can really study for. I'm sorry to say it, but the study guide helps NONE here. The science questions are really in depth and the ones I got right were the ones I remembered from A&P as well as Micro (I really hope you were paying attention, it pays off here). I used an app called ATI Teas that did help here, I'll admit. The trial version only has a 100 or so questions but you can unlock the full version for around $12 I believe. I really found the questions in this section to be similar to this app and NOT AT ALL like others.

    LA & Grammar: I did not do well on this part, I believe I pulled a 70 at best. Do not be overly confident on this even if English is your first language. The rules of LA and grammar are asked for explicitly here and you need to know the key words. What's an adjective, pronoun, adverb? How many dependent or independent clauses are in a complex sentence. What do you join two independent clauses with and so forth. I also found they asked a lot of questions about spelling. Not just easy spelling either, like accommodate - you better remember how many repeated letters are in certain words.

    I think the app helped the most for me, and the practice test. Some questions I recognized directly from the practice test as well. Good uck!
  12. by   JumanaO
    Thank you so much for great details, LAand grammer is my weakest subject and I'm spending more time on this part. I heard a lot that math is very easy too. Regarding A&P I'm trying my best to read my notes from A&P and micro. I found the pre-test very easy so that's why I am not relying on it so much. Did you find quizlet helpful when you studied the science part?
  13. by   Krissy714
    i have never taken ap so i have nothing to study other the ati book and i did purchase the ati secrets by mometrix. what should i focus on this is my weakest are. thank you in advance
  14. by   C8dagr8
    Hey guys, I took the TEAS test last week and totally bombed it. I made a 52% while I have to at least make a 70% to even apply for my cardiovascular sonography program. I'll be retaking it in May and I'm stressed out of my mind. I used the ATI teas study manual, but I feel like it didn't help me as much as everyone said it did for them. Although I will admit I could have studied longer and had a severe case of test anxiety that impacted me poorly, lol. Does anyone have any other study material recommendations/advice? I'm thinking about buying the teas secrets book and purchasing both A & B practice tests while simultaneously still studying from the manual. Any feedback helps!!