Taking the TEAS soon...

  1. Hey guys, I'm taking the TEAS in a week and a half. I'm REALLY nervous and I get really bad test anxiety. I've been studying a lot but I still feel like idk anything but when I sit down to study, I already know the materials idk if it's just me freaking out. Also, I've done okay on the practice tests, but everyone says the actual test is harder I just hope i don't freak out during the test >_< Any tips for how you guys managed to calm yourself or control your nerves before takings the test?
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  3. by   Cheripk
    It's not as bad as you think! Take some breaths relax a bit be confident don't doubt yourself you can do it. I personally thought the practice test were harder then the real test, I scored very low on the practice test but did well on the real test. For example on the practice test the science portion I got in the high 50's%, and I was freaking out but the real test I got an 85% on the science. Just go over stuff that you dont know well and try not to over study. The reading was pretty easy, math is okay just highschool type math like in the guide, english I bombed but I'm bad at that haha. Good luck and remember to relax and I know thats easier said than done but it will help. Good luck!
  4. by   Nurse2b7337
    I have test anxiety too! I took the Hesi entrance exam and I did deep breathing exercises. It helped to calm my nerves. You will be fine check the web for more tips on test anxiety!
  5. by   Tab11
    Same here... I thought the practice exam was harder than the test. I was getting 50 - low 70s. On the exam I got an 89%.
    Khans videos helped me a lot.
    Read the TEAS book. You will do find.
    DO NOT try to study the day of.
    Best wishes...
    LOL I bombed on the English too! lol I was tired and stress when I got to that.
  6. by   lyn92
    Thanks guys! I've been trying to stay positive and trying not to stress out. But I think one reason why I have been is because I feel like I haven't been studying as much as others have, but that's because the bulk of the science section which is like anatomy and bio and chem, I just took the classes for this semester and it's all still fresh in my mind. Would that fact help me on the TEAS?
  7. by   acrabtree
    Don't be nervous about the TEAS exam, it is not as difficult as a lot of people make it out to be. I took the test once and scored an 89.5%. I used the official study book that had the practice tests, and I took one of the ATI online practice tests to learn the formatting. The ATI test will generate a report telling you the areas you may need a little more practice in. I can be a bit of a nervous test taker myself, but adequate preparation and getting a good night sleep the night before usually helps to settle my nerves. Best of luck to you!
  8. by   lyn92
    Thanks! One questions, people kept saying that the online ATI practice test gives people a good idea of what the testing format is like, but doesn't the ATI study guide do the same? Or is that more for people to just have an idea as to what to study for? o.O