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Hi is there anyone who has got a score of 90 of higher on the TEAS V? if so, let me know how long you studied and what helped you study. thanks :)... Read More

  1. by   Candi7882
    I took the exam to day which is the 22 and must say the teas guide didn't help at all, I also have the Mc Graw hill book and to be honest I'm looking through it now and most of the questions I had, the topics were from the Mc Graw hill book pertaining to the science!!! But I'm gonna try again in 6months, that's when I'm allowed to retake it hopefully, I do better!!!
  2. by   soneutral
    I took mine this morning and got an Adjusted Individual Score of 92. I bought the ATI study manual (a MUST), and rented McGraw Hill's 8 Practice exams (good for science) from the library. The ATI book is good when it comes to math and reading, there's no question there. For science, it is helpful if you've taken A&P. It's not a must, but you will see (for example) a nervous system question that you would have probably covered in A&P.
    I studied for about two weeks. I read the ATI manual three times overall; I read it once the nights preceding the test. Focus on your weak points. The manual will do a good job telling you where you have to work harder.
    As for the online exams, in a fit pf panic last night (midnight), I finally bought one of the exams (not smart considering I could have bought 2 for $92, but I didn't know that at the time). Waste of money, in my opinion. The two books at the back of the ATI manual, although easier, will give you a good enough idea of what the exam will look like.
    Also, I went through this website like a maniac! This post helped me so much: How I Studied for the TEAS
    Read the manual, do practice questions online (just google "TEAS practice questions"), and breathe!
    Good luck!
  3. by   msjoyce19
    I scored lowest on ATI A & B in the scientific reasoning section. How did you guys study or prepared for that? My exam is coming up next month.
  4. by   umbdude
    Quote from msjoyce19
    I scored lowest on ATI A & B in the scientific reasoning section. How did you guys study or prepared for that? My exam is coming up next month.
    I only used the ATI Manual and I looked up everything that I didn't understand. I also took a total of 5 practice tests and I carefully reviewed questions that I got correct, but not 100% sure, and the questions I got wrong. But the questions in the science section are pretty random. I think what helped me most was the fact that I took Chem, Bio, and A&P. If you can't seem to improve in that section, focus your energy on getting very high scores in the other section to boost your overall score.
  5. by   birdfall
    I just took the TEAS V today and I got a 90.0% exactly. I barely studied an older book I got from my wife about 2-3 weeks ago. I took the first practice test and got a 90% and I did parts of the second practice test yesterday (the day before my exam). I probably studied for a total of 2 hours and most of it was over 2 weeks ago.

    The NUMBER ONE recommendation (besides some light brushing up on things you don't really remember) I have for you is to get A's in all of your science courses. If you do really well in all those classes you should be able to remember most of the stuff, or at least reason your way into the right answer.

    To demonstrate my lack of studying I did for this exam: I legitimately forgot how to multiply decimals and was teaching myself as I was taking the test. Stay calm because you can almost always rule out 2 of the multiple choice questions leaving you with a pretty good guess for the last 2.

    Again, NUMBER ONE is to do well in your science courses beforehand and the TEAS V should be no problem.
  6. by   Gorjesss
    I got a 95.3% this January on my test in Sacramento
  7. by   Gorjesss
    I would definitely buy the official book from ATI and the two official practice tests, I also bought :

    This Teas Quick Study Guide
    Nursing Teas Guide (Quick Study Academic): 9781423225959: Medicine & Health Science Books @

    This app on Google Play - Pocket Prep TEAS V
    ATI TEAS | Pocket Prep

    Secrets of the TEAS V
    Secrets of the TEAS® V Exam Study Guide: TEAS® Test Review for the Test of Essential Academic Skills: 9781609710132: Medicine & Health Science Books @

    Ace the TEAS Test
    Ace the TEAS Test: Study Guide and Practice Tests for the TEAS V (Version 5) Exam: Ace the Test Team: 9781627336055: Books

    If math isn't your strong suit like me, check out Kahn Academy, it is free and it took my math scores on my pretests from 44% (yep) to an overall of 93% Khan Academy

    Just so you know the "Ace the TEAS Test" and "Secrets of TEAS V" have literally the EXACT same tests in them as the official ATI book. I would skip those and go straight for the official book because that was the one that was the most helpful with the explanations and lessons. The practice tests are really good too. I took the A & B practice tests and it lets you do them twice. Also with the ATI practice tests, it gives you a study guide with your results so you know what to focus on. Don't forget to search for the post "How I passed the Teas V" on this forum. I printed that post out and followed it very closely