Just took TEAS V! What was YOUR scoreh

  1. So I just took TEAS V, and let me just say it is HARD! Well at least some of it is. I took the science portion and wanted to die. Right there on the computer. The reading was tougher than I thought, for sure. I got the ATI Study Manual, McGraw Hill Entrance Exam [Nursing], and Peterson study guide for allied health. The ATI was helpful in the english, math, and reading. The science, as EVERYONE here on AllNurses say, is completely RANDOM! There were things not in any of the books that I read, things that are WAY more in depth than any of the books I read. But if I had to choose, I thin kthe McGraw Hill was the most helpful for science.

    I thought the science was SO DIFFICULT. I couldn't even do process of elimination. I just sort of "clicked" whichever appealed to my eyes the most. If I liked the word, I clicked it. Horrible test taking strategy, for sure. Turns out, I got a 92 on the science. Couldn't believe my luck. The reading, I got a 63. =/

    My mean individual score was an 80. I really don't know what to think. The university I applied to [Saint Xavier, Chicago, Il] needs a 58.7 for your app to be considered, but I'm still extremely nervous and axious. You are only allowed ONCE to take the TEAS. Ever. So even in 4 years, if i reapply, they will only take my first ATI score, unless they change their requirements.

    For those of who you are going to take TEAS V, I sugest getting the McGraw Hill. Maybe even the online tests from ATI. I haven't purchased the online assesments, but the students I took the exam with have, and they said it helped somewhat. I wish I would have purchased it.

    For those of you who have taken TEAS V, what was your score and did you get accepted??
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  3. by   AddisonLawrence03
    Hmm interesting. I notice many people who take the computer version complain about how random and difficult the Science portion is; I took the paper pencil version and didn't find the Science difficult at all
  4. by   tammy_zeidan09
    I didn't know there was a paper version!! I would love to take that!
  5. by   Kyndall
    I recently passed mine with a 70.7%. I wasn't to happy about that but at least I passed and I was accepted. I got 85.7% on the reading, 70.0% on the math, 54.2% on the science, and 76.7% on the English and language usage.
  6. by   Msre23
    I took the test today and the English seem to have a trick for me?! Help please I wonder are all teas v the same?
  7. by   Kebby1016
    I took the computer version about a month ago and scored a 74.7% adjusted individual total score. Reading: 92.9%, Math: 70%, Science: 60.4% (yikes, barely passed!), English and Language Usage: 76.7%.

    Obviously science was my sore spot. There were a lot more chemistry questions than I had anticipated and I think that was specifically where I lost most of the points. I passed every section for my school's standards, but I'm going to try it one more time in February and see if I can get a better score.
  8. by   Emmie620
    do you still have your ATI book (TEAS study guide) and if so do you want to sell it and for how much pls...inbox me details via ebajoe@yahoo.com pls...thanks
  9. by   Msre23
    I just sold mine
  10. by   ProudStudent
    I scored poorly on the English section, but thankfully passed. Everything else was great, my median score was also at 80%. I studied a lot, spending the majority of my time on comprehension, grammar, algebra and left out everything on sentence structure evidently. I have to say, I did not think it was as hard as everyone made it out to be. I psyched myself out more than anything, being so worried that I was going to fail the TEAS and not be able to apply. Finally, I have all of my prerequisites completed and will be applying in 2 weeks! :-) Good luck to everyone and congratulations to those that have passed their TEAS!
  11. by   sanpeter
    So i studied for a month, for about 4-6 hours a day and took my test on december 21st. I totally bombed the test, i felt so anxious and scared, i felt like everything i studied was not n the test. I really need help, because i dont want to give up on my dreams and live my whole life regreting. I want to be a nurse, until the day i die but i just dont think i can pass the test. I got a's and b's in college because i am a hard worker but theres no way i can pass this test .. Someone please give me some study tips and advice... I feel like a total failure
  12. by   frog05221
    any advice---I graduated high school thirty years ago and am taking the teas v on tuesday - I am sooooo freaked out
  13. by   Nikkilicious
    Just wanted to say I'm in the same boat- taking the TEAS tomorrow! Wish me luck!
  14. by   nursingstudent3109
    It has been 29 years since I graduated high school, so, needless to say, I was very nervous taking the TEAS last week. I studied for two months beforehand and spent the last 2-3 weeks focusing exclusively on science. I used the ATI study guide and took the two online practice tests. I also watched every YouTube video I could find on mitosis/meiosis, chemistry and anatomy (since I'm a visual learner, that seemed to help me). I thought the test was pretty easy except for about 1/3 of the science questions which were not covered in the study guide at all. Very random, as many have said. However, after all was said and done, I scored a 92 Adjusted Ind. Total Score which is ranked in the 99th percentile!!! (Reading 90.5; Math 96.7; Science 85.4; English 96.7) I'm very pleased with my grade; my two months of studying certainly paid off.

    For the science portion, I would urge you to know mitosis/meiosis, chemistry equations, the body systems and what they do, the stages of embryo development and knowledge of medical terms would certainly help you also. Math was basic addition/subtraction, basic algebra and work rate problems. English was capitalization, spelling and grammar.

    Good luck to you all!