Is it worth the $39?

  1. Is it worth the $39 to take the ATI online practice test? I am trying to decide if I should do it, my TEAS V is this Thursday.
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  3. by   yedwards42
    Hi ~I bought the two online TEAS practice tests. They do really gauge your readiness for the actual TEAS. I took mine about 3 weeks before the test though. The practice tests are harder than the TEAS book tests, though they are beneficial for seeing how you score and areas to better focus/improve on. For you, it may be a bit late/waste to do the practice tests now since your actual test is less than a week away. Up to you. If you don't take the practice test(s) do know as much as you can from the Science sections in the TEAS book. The general Science topics are in the book, however, the actual test questions are somewhat harder and more detailed than the book! Especially, Scientific theories/methods/experiments. Reading, Grammar and Math questions are similar to the TEAS book (a little harder than the TEAS book tests) though similar in content and questions asked. A few of my Math problems involved a few geometry and pythangorean theorem questions. YouTube can help you on some of the Science - cell structure, scientific theories/methods, mitosis/meiosis (know these processes well it is guaranteed to be on the test in some fashion), scientific elements/simple equations, acids/bases, photosynthesis, autotrophs vs. hecterotrophs, etc. Lastly, watch the time while taking the test! If you "skip" questions make sure you watch the time and allow enough time to go back to answer these questions. If you are unsure about any question, logically eliminate the wrong answers and if you need to guess - do so. Don't leave a blank answer as it will be counted wrong. If you have time remaining before the next section, you may use this time to take a bathroom break (if allowed) or go onto the next subject/portion of the test. You are tested in this order - Reading, Math, Science and Grammar. I felt Grammar was the easiest, then Reading, Math, and Science (was the toughest though doable). Good luck to you!!
  4. by   NurseKayti
    I paid $39 for one of them the night before my TEAS test. I guess it was nice to see the types of questions, but it did not indicate the kind of score I'd get on the actual test. The online test felt much harder than the real one. I got a 74 on the online one, and a 94 on the actual test. With only a few hours between the two, there is no way I could have improved by 20 points.
  5. by   meg2014
    I just bought the ati study manual and I feel like it prepared me for the test. $39 is a lot but if you have it to spend it can only help not hurt:-) Good luck on your test!! O just took mine last Tuesday!!
  6. by   Medic/RN2B
    Def worth it! I bought both online practice exams and both books. McGraw hill and ATI. plus it breaks it all down just like the TEAS would so you know what EXACTLY you need to work on!
  7. by   HeatherMax
    OOph. I broke down and took one, I did awful. I highly doubt this will be my year. I got a 65.3%. OUCH. The science kicked my butt, I should have given myself more than 13 days to study things I have not seen or heard of in over 20 years.
  8. by   Katalina
    Don't let that stop you. That's what my first score was when I took it. Just study what you can and take the practice test again. My score improved slightly when I did that, still low though. I ended up scoring in the 80's in the real test though.
  9. by   umbdude
    I took one online practice test and thought it was worth it. My online test score was very close to my actual test score, and I thought the online test was about the same as, or maybe very slightly more difficult than, the real test.
  10. by   Medic/RN2B
    Most people say those practice online tests are a lot harder. I found em to be about the same and I score maybe about 12 points higher then on the practice but not a whole bunch. You def should allow more than two weeks. Especially if you have not had any refrehser classes in those courses. Good luck! I dont know what your deadlines are or how many times you are allowed to take it but keep those things in mind too!
  11. by   HeatherMax
    Deadline is May 14th, and I can take it twice. The TEAS V starts tomorrow at 2pm (EST), so throw some prayer and or good thoughts my way if you would be so kind.
  12. by   umbdude
    Quote from HeatherMax
    Deadline is May 14th, and I can take it twice. The TEAS V starts tomorrow at 2pm (EST), so throw some prayer and or good thoughts my way if you would be so kind.

    Good luck! Get some sleep and don't try to study tomorrow.
  13. by   Medic/RN2B
    Good Luck! Just keep thinking positive thoughts!
  14. by   HeatherMax
    I am not going to go crazy studying, but I am going to watch a few youtube TEAS V study videos. They helped me a lot with the math.