I scored extremely low on my TEAS

  1. This post is extremely hard for me to talk about, but I feel the need to share my first time experience taking the TEAS so I can get some insight on this....
    I took my ATI TEAS exam yesterday, and I received an overall score of 54% (Basic). I was in complete shock when I saw that. I have gotten all A's in my prerequisites courses and my only B was in Microbiology. Anatomy and Physiology are still fresh in my mind I took it during Fall 2017. I feel extremely discouraged by my score because most of the CSU's I applied to want my score by February 28. It just doesn't make any sense to me how I scored so low... I've been trying to rule out everything that could have possible went wrong, I even studied for a month before I took it. I had to commute from LA to San Diego for the exam, so maybe the long 3 hour drive had something to do with my concentration, because I was very anxious during the whole drive. I am very limited on my options to either reschedule another exam before 2/28 OR wait a month to reschedule. I have applied to a few CCs that aren't asking for TEAS scores till mid March, but its a huge bummer to me that I paid application fees for 6 CSU's in hopes that I had a chance of getting in and I completely ended up bombing my exam. I have an overall 3.8 GPA in my college coursework.

    What can I do from here? Should I reschedule before 2/28 or wait? How can I prepare better?
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  3. by   ddrftw
    What materials did you use to help prepare you for the TEAS? I haven't scheduled my take my TEAS yet, but I plan to take it in April or May. I have already ordered the Mometrix Teas book, some TEAS apps and I also plan to get the ATI TEAS study manual + practice tests.
  4. by   idkmybffjill
    I'd say if the two programs that don't require the TEAS are fairly competitive or if the other six or whatever programs are ones you would really like to get into, then retake it before the 28th.

    You can look at your test results to see what topics you missed questions on. You can also buy one of the practice tests from ATI that mimics the exam, which may help with getting a better grasp on how questions are phrased and what type of questions are asked. Use any free online practice test you can find. Use the TEAS phone apps for questions. Watch youtube videos on any of the topics you missed.

    Also, I don't know what you did for actual test day, but I found taking a break between sections at least once helped.
  5. by   SDboyy
    Why would you have to commute from Los Angeles to San Diego for the test? Los Angeles has to have any. Or test locations than San Diego. I would not want to drive 2+hours in southern California traffic and then take a test. No way
  6. by   apascual8
    If you are running out of time, and need your scores ASAP then might as well re-schedule and take the risks. I recommend a lot for you to study (books, etc.) but since you don't have that much time, then go online, and watch MOMETRIX youtube videos, and do their practice tests. Similar, or actually the same situation happened to me 2 years ago. I applied for CSUs and some UCs for Fall 2015, but I needed to get as high as 80% on my TEAS. So, I took my TEAS V on January of 2015, and got >70%. I did not get any calls, or anything from those schools. I was very confident that I made it to the cut, but I was wrong.
    So, if I were you, go register, and take the risk!
  7. by   qbcd08
    When I took the TEAS, I scored 100% on the math and science sections. My reading sections were both in the 90's, but I think I could have done better. I only prepared for 2 or 3 days before the exam, however.

    The resources i used were the Pocket Prep TEAS and HESI apps, which I HIGHLY recommend. The HESI book was a lot more useful for prep than the ATI book was as well.
  8. by   It'sYaGirlK
    Quote from qbcd08

    The resources i used were the Pocket Prep TEAS and HESI apps, which I HIGHLY recommend. The HESI book was a lot more useful for prep than the ATI book was as well.
    Thank you! I'm going to get the HESI book ASAP..I saw the Hesi A2 study guide at Barnes and Noble but purchased the Teas ATI study prep book...
  9. by   Eden111
    I know its hard. Keep your head up, hit the books harder and dont lose hope. some schools require only a 62% to enter the program.