1. I'm taking the TEAS in the winter and I'm fully in study mode.
    I noticed that I do not remember much of the Chemistry that I had learned in the previous year and I'm not exactly sure what to do.
    Another thread on here had this link on it:
    nd it seems like it would help, but I'm not sure if I should take a summer course or if I should use this to study for the chemistry section.
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  3. by   Cheripk
    I didn't take a chemistry course prior to the teas but I really think basic chem course would have helped me a lot with the chemistry questions, but since I didn't take chem beforehand I found a website that went over basic concepts of chemistry to give me an idea along with the teas study guide. But if you are able to I would recommend taking the course beforehand it gives you some good info.
  4. by   token787

    Do you remember the website? I'm studying Chemistry from the study guide and some of it gets confusing.
  5. by   GarKim0321
    I just took the TEAS V last week. If I were you I would get the ATI study guide. It helped refresh my memory!
  6. by   Cheripk
    List of Videos for Chemistry

    Some of those videos helped a lot, you can pick and choose which ones to go over. I used those videos along with the teas study guide from ATI and just researched basic chem online.
  7. by   token787

    Wow, thanx for the site, it looks very helpful!
  8. by   token787

    Thanks, I'm doing that also.
  9. by   Njoshi94
    I already did take a course. I just need a refresher for the material.

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