Book reccomendations for the Science Portion.

  1. I recently took the TEAS Test this past Monday for the LPN program I have applied to, I scored 2% lower than the preferred score to enter the school. I did fairly on all subjects except for the science portion, it was not at all what I had expected and having not taken science in 4 years killed me. I didn't order any books and just researched and printed review pages related to the TEAS review.

    I Re-take the test Sept. 17th and have ordered the ATI TEAS V Review manual. Can anyone tell me if that book helped them with the science portion? If not are there any other books that go into further depth of the science portion that are fairly cheap considering I have already bought the ATI book?

    Thank you, Brittany <3
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  3. by   zoe92
    I definitely recommend the ATI study guide that you've purchased. That's all I bought to study from. I also recommend going on and searching for TEAs V science flashcards that other people have already made. That really helped me.
  4. by   token787
    Thanks for the quizlet site.
  5. by   jonesel9
    @zoe92,What about the online Practice Assessment Form that ATI has on their website?Would you recommend that as well?
  6. by   hermione77
    I didn't get the ATI book, but I used the Complete Idiot's Guide to Nursing Entrance Exams and Cracking the Nursing School Entrance Exams from the Princeton Review. They both seem good, although to be honest I didn't complete either of them. To be honest, what helped me the most on the science section was not letting too much time pass between taking my A&P, microbio, and chem courses and taking the test. All the info was still pretty fresh in my mind and most of the info on the science portion seemed related to those in some way.

    Good luck!
  7. by   jonesel9
    I agree and that is why I am taking the TEAS after I finish my science classes. I am finishing up my science classes now so it will still be fresh in my mind since I heard the science section is scattered in almost all courses.
  8. by   hermione77
    @jonesel9 That strategy really helped me. Hope it helps you too!
  9. by   jonesel9
    Thank you for sharing your experience.
  10. by   silenced
    Believe it or not, a good medical terminology course will help you some on the sciences portion. The official TEAS review book should help to some extent, and you can fill in what it doesn't explain well with the "____ for Dummies" series of books (I nabbed anat/phys, biology and chemistry.)
  11. by   jonesel9
    Thank you.
  12. by   HealthEnthusiast
    I was able to use an online book that was available on my community college library computers. I don't remember what it was called; I just searched for it through the library catalog. It was FREE to use, thus a great option for those, like me, who are income-deficient. Good luck!