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Hi All, I took the Teas V and passed. I ran out of time on two sections which drastically brought down my score to a 66.7%. I lost track of time on the very first section (Reading) and never... Read More

  1. by   CarolesChoice
    Hi Anthonyx! Your TEAS score is the same than mine. Your GPA is also good. What does "2/4 preferences" mean? FYI - TWU was the only nursing school I applied to.
  2. by   Anthonyx
    By 2/4 preference I meant to say I got an "A" in statistic and an "A"in A and P 1. TWU will also be the only school i apply to as well and did you get into the Dallas Center? I am attending TWU in Denton right now and I hope I have a chance of getting in. Do you know any other students who got in with a 68?
  3. by   Anthonyx
  4. by   Anthonyx
    Were you a transfer to TWU?
  5. by   CarolesChoice
    Honestly, Anthonyx, I haven't ask anyone about their scores. The only scores I've seen are those posted on this website and ALL TeasV scores have been wa'ay better than mine. Somehow, though, I was accepted. I basically posted my real scores to encourage others to 'hang in there.' You don't have to have all high scores to get accepted. I'm obviously living proof of that.

    After applying, I emailed the application department and (I guess) was assigned an academic advisor. She was EXCELLENT in letting me know stuff like how many applicants I was competing against, how my chances were based on the current applicant pool and what she'd seen, etc., etc., etc. Maybe you can do this. I would think you'd be able to get even better information because you're actually attenting TWU already.

    Good luck, Anthonyx!
  6. by   CarolesChoice
    Yes, I was a transfer to TWU from the local community college.
  7. by   CarolesChoice
    Good morning, AnthonyX. How are you doing today? Have you thought about contacting the application department. The lady I talked to was over-the-top helpful and supportive! Hang in there. As to your TEAS, I wouldn't really give it another thought. The bottom line is that you qualified, period. That's the way I look at it. I'm not proud. I would have been happy to qualify by a fraction of a point, just as long as I qualified. Your GPA is also very good! If you pray, why not pray for Divine Intervention? Leave no stone unturned!
  8. by   CarolesChoice
    Hi 1luvofnursing! I haven't seen the fireworks yet. So, is it safe to assume you haven't heard anything yet? I think all my stuff had to be in by February 1st. They let me know March 29th via email through my student TWU email that I had been accepted. Have you checked your TWU email lately??
  9. by   angelit
    Hi, I haven't taken the test yet but will on the 15th. Do you have any advice on the test. I was reading your comments about the time but was that all you had difficulty with. I'm applying for the spring 2013 and I want in so bad. Also, how was the math section? That's my weakest subject. Please, if you have any intel I would love to hear it
  10. by   fruitypebbles
    Does TWU base admission on overall GPA or prereq GPA?
  11. by   IamPam2005
    Pre req GPA only.
  12. by   CarolesChoice
    Hi Anthonyx!
    I've been at TWU in Houston for the last 2 days doing orientation. I ran across several folks there that were transfers from the Denton campus. I asked them why they chose to move to Houston to attend the nursing program when the same program was offered at home, in Denton. From their feedback--it seems that TWU students automatically get a "bump up" on their scores (TEASV?) if they're already a TWU student. That makes more students qualify for the nursing program. The more students that qualify increase the number of applicants. Therefore, in reality, it makes it much tougher to actually get accepted into the program because there are just sooooooooo many applicants for so few postions. Does that make sense? Also, in Houston, there are so many nursing schools, some of them within blocks from each other. The competition is literally right around the corner. Sooooo, basically, what the kids are saying--their "bump up" scores wouldn't cut it in Denton. In Houston, however, it was a different matter. Today, there were at least 5 or 6 Denton students starting the nursing program in my class. I hope this information helps you.

    Wishing you the best of luck!
  13. by   Breanalynn2003
    I am applying to TWU for the Spring 2013 and I am soo nervous about my TEAS score! I have a 3.7 GPA and a 2/4 first attempt "A" and I got a 73.3% on the TEAS! I applied to one other place so I am hoping that I will get into one of them!!