Barely passed Teas for Texas Woman's Univ -- is there still hope?

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Hi All,

I took the Teas V and passed. I ran out of time on two sections which drastically brought down my score to a 66.7%. I lost track of time on the very first section (Reading) and never regained my momentum or composure. I am so disappointed and discouraged. I am so nervous about whether I will get accepted. I have a 3.84 GPA and 3 out of 4 first attempt A's (A&P I/II, Microbiology). I was told by my nursing advisor that I needed to get an overall score of "80" to be guaranteed acceptance. Has anyone been accepted to TWU's nursing school with a test score of 66.7%? Unfortunately, I can only take the Teas once per application period. I will be devastated to not get accepted because I have worked so hard to get good grades and prepare for the Teas. Also, I have some friends that I took all my pre-req's with and we developed a study group. We were all hoping that we would go through nursing school together and maintain our study group.

I can't really comment on that school, but try not to worry. Easier said than done I know. The reading part killed me too. I was all "I got this. I got this". Next thing I know I look up and time is nearly over. I thought for sure reading would be a breeze and I only got a 81. And then I ran out of time on math and had to guess. Ended up with a 67.7 or something. The average at my school is only a 56, so I figure I have some chance.. but not much.

Your grades are really good, so you never know. I hope you get in! Feel better!

Thanks for the pep talk. I am not going to give up on my dream of becoming a nurse. A few bumps in the road will better prepare me for the journey.

Good luck to you!

If you have a hardcopy of the results and stats (or it may be on the ATI site or wherever you purchased the TEAS test), there should be a national average column. You might just have beat the national average, which is good in itself.

I don't know how TWU scores the overall admissions candidate, but there are probably more criteria that should level out with your TEAS V grade (Your GPA is good, and you've done well in the core science classes, which is a big plus).

Did you apply to other nursing schools as well? Some require only 1 section of the TEAS V, others require the HESI, etc. :)

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I would try not to worry about it since nobody has invented the time machine yet so the only thing you can do is have the outlook that your grades and other factors are enough.

If you have to take it again next time keep a good track of time. Losing points because you didn't get a chance to answer the questions is heartbreaking.

hi! I don't know about your school (I'm located on the east coast). I applied to a community college, and they ranked us: 50% GPA, 25% TEAS V, 25% grade A&P I. I had a 3.82 GPA, 83.3 on the TEAS V and a A in A&P I. and I got in. in the end it didn't matter if you had a 3.1 or 3.9 GPA and a 60 or 80 on the TEAS, the only thing that mattered was you ranking number. I know of someone in my school who had a lower GPA than I, but a better TEAS score, and we almost had the same ranking number.

Do you know how your school selects their candidates? do they rank? and do you know how many seats are open and how many candidates they accept? I'm sure you're in, especially with a 3.8 GPA! And never never give up on nursing! Try again next year if you have to! But never give up!

OK, I just looked at TWU (I just graduated from nursing school there, so I know where EVERYTHING is on their website) and for the 2012-2013 period, they say the minimal score they would accept would be 64%. So it's very possible. I know when my class was accepted (over 2 years ago) the minimal GPA that got in was 3.84, but that does differ between classes. I think that you have a fair shot at getting in. Keep your fingers crossed, you're in for a wild ride if you get accepted in TWU's program. It's very highly rated and I actually had two offers for RN positions prior to graduation and I was by no means a 4.0 student throughout the program. Good luck.

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In my school, GPA weighted much heavier than TEAS. Also, is 80% a hard set number? That seems pretty high. A lot of places I've seen is 65-70%. Preference is higher, but they accept lower, usually. My school's hard set number was 65%. No chance if you didn't score at least 65%. I would call and find out what their bottom number is. Esp with you considered that 60's is the median in what most people score on the TEAS according to the website. IMO, the Teas showed nothing of my ability in nursing school... but that is me.

Good luck.

Hi all,

Thanks for your responses. I am slowly coming out of my funk and going to hang on to hope. I have come too far to give up and besides I want this sooooo bad! At my school (TWU), the absolute minimum score to be considered is 64 but since it is so competitive they tell potentials to shoot for an 80 to guarantee acceptance. The school only looks at your adjusted individual score. I was told by my nursing advisor that they put all your information in the database and it spits out a rank. Also, my advisor told me that last semester someone who had the same parameters as myself got accepted, even with a 67. So there is hope. Now I have to wait until November or December to find out if I will be accepted.

That definitely sounds promising. I know that nursing school is crazy but deep in my heart I know that I was meant to do this and do well. Good luck on your future endeavors.

Hi. I think you'll be fine. I was accepted by TWU and will start classes in the Fall 2012. The minimum TEAS score accepted by TWU is 64; my score was 68. Your GPA is actually quite a bit higher than mine; mine was 3.639. If I remember right, the GPA was higher up on the list that TWU looks at when considering you; GPA came first. Say a prayer that you don't bite all your fingernails off while waiting for acceptance. Good luck! I hope to see you at TWU soon!

OMG, I really hope that I do get accepted. Congratulations on your acceptance :bow: Yes it is torture to have to wait but it is out of my hands now. I have been focusing on the classes that I am currently taking, kinda keeps my mind off of it. Yes let's hope that we will see each other at TWU. Please post again so I can keep up with you. Good Luck !!

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