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Hey everyone, As we all know and fear.. the new ATI TEAS 6 came out yesterday (AUGUST 31st 2016). If you have taken the ATI TEAS 6, please feel free to update the rest of us on how it was for you.... Read More

  1. by   camille05
    Hello, I'm planning to buy the whole package, I just want to know if the smartprep is worth the money? How does smartprep different from purchasing the manual and the assessment tests?
  2. by   thewhitechickoj
    Quote from katherine1122
    Hello, I am fixing to take the Teas 6 Exam on July 7. I have been studying for about a month now, and on the ATI Teas practice exams it seems very hard for me to get above a 60% on those particular practice exams. I know people on this forum have said that the practice exams are harder but was just curious of your opinion.
    I found the practice exams to be in the same ballpark as the actual exam. I bought the TEAS VI manual and practice tests A and B. The book was helpful, but my favorite tool was an app called "TEAS Mastery" that I put on my phone. I went from getting a 67% on my first practice test without studying to scoring a 79% on my actual test.
  3. by   Rsgibson
    I took the ATI TEAS on June 24 and scored 94.7% which correlated to 99th percentile nationally. I studied for 2 weeks using the 2 online practice tests, as well as the ATI study manual which also had a practice test for each section. I was most afraid of the math before studying and quickly realized that for me, the language portion was the most difficult. There is a lot about the English language I take for granted. Mastering that section took a lot of practice and explanation from my sister who is an English major. The practice test questions were very very similar to the actual test for me. I took breaks between every section whether I needed to or not, just to refresh my eyes. I believe that helped. Each section is timed so I suggest when you practice also time yourself so you know how to pace yourself on the actual exam. Good luck!!
  4. by   NurseB74
    I am taking the Teas on 7/13. I have to drive two hours to take it at my school, so I am going the night before and staying in a hotel so I am well rested. I've been practicing using ATI practice test A & B and averaging total scores in the 80's. My science score (which is the hardest) is in the 70's. I am also using phone apps like Teas Pocket prep and some of the Teas Mastery. How does the practice tests compare to the real Teas 6 exam?
    Reading all of your posts and experiences has been inspiring!
  5. by   Farrah 34
    I liked this topic, very helpful.
    when is the good time to take teas?
    and when does the next tease come out? I am applying next year but I was thinking of taking teas this fall but I am not sure if they accept it next year or not.
  6. by   Crystal_Len
    What score did you get from the new TEAS?
  7. by   Ilikeicecream
    I will be taking the teas 6 soon and I would like to know how detailed the questions are in the science section?
  8. by   Jmt25607
    I am planning on taking the atiteas this Nov. I am debating on buying the practice test on the ati website, due to the cost of the test. How many times can you retake the practice test after you pay.? Does it show rational to the questions you miss? Is it timed like the regular test? I bought the ati study manual on amazon and the atiteas secret study guide to use as a additional recourse. It has been 10 years since I took A&P 1and2. It has also been about 7 years since chemistry. Same is true for college algebra or any math form of math and same for English 1&2. My most recent education was LPN school 5 years ago. So any tips or suggestions on how to best prepare for the test is appreciated. Thanks
  9. by   futurenurse805
    I recently to the TEAS 6 exam and surprisingly scored a 98% in the 99th percentile. I didn't do much to prepare other than completing the mometrix guide from cover to cover, as well as completing both practice test on the ATI website. Let me know if you have any questions! I'm happy to help.
  10. by   Russka
    Hello I just took the ATI teas 6 and wanted to leave you a review. It was surprisingly easy,very basic stuff nothing goes into too much depth. The reading section was easy but, the time they gave me was sparse. Math was nothing over an 8th grade level. There was no algebra or geometry. Science had some human anatomy physiology questions but, the majority was chem and physical science. English was just basic stuff nothing over high school level. Overall I got 87.8%
    I also took the practice test B and in my opinion the practice test B was MUCH easier then the actual test. FYI
  11. by   Ammareo81
    Hey guys, so I just took the TEAS 6 a couple of days ago, so I figured I'd go on here and share some advice about my personal experience.
    1) 1st section the Reading, it wasn't too bad just make sure you can understand what the authors purpose is for the passage (inform, express feelings, analytical, expository, persuade). (53 questions)
    2) 2nd section the Math, to me it was personally the easiest section, especially since you will be given an electronic calculator to use, it's simple math, percentages, and working with fractions, make sure to have brushed up on your geometry formulas (only the basic shapes circles, triangle, square, rectangle and sphere). (36 questions)
    3) 3rd section the Science, this one caught me a bit off guard since I was confident in science. However, they really went into details more than I expected on anatomy and physiology definitely focus on that. I only got one physics questions a concept one, and around two or three chemistry. So spend more time on your biology. (53 questions)
    4) last section the English usage, this section is where I struggled the most (personally). Know how to find conjunctions, prepositions, etc. Also finding out which word of the statement is the adverb and adjective, proper sentence structure. And figuring out a meaning of a word based on context. This section has the LEAST questions (28 questions) so you have less room for error and the shortest time so make sure to get really comfortable.

    After the math section they will give you an optional 10 minute break if you choose to take it or not, you can just keep going, I recommend to at least step outside for a bit to get some air and give your brain a minute to relax and get back into it, hope this helped good luck guys.
  12. by   almoran
    Hello, I recently took the Teas 6 and scored a 92. The math section mainly focused on algebra, unit conversions, and a bit of geometry (area and volume). The science section was 98% A&P and a few questions on chemistry. The questions were very basic and straight forward. I didn't purchase the Teas study guide manual nor the practice tests. I mainly used an app called Teas VI and a website that provided free practice tests and study guides, Free Test Prep for the TEAS . The test wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The math, reading, and english sections were similar to the SATs in my opinion! Good luck
  13. by   _ajm_
    I'm taking the ATI TEAS IV in about ten days, and so far I've just been studying the ATI Study Manual. I'm thinking of buying at least one practice test, but I'm not sure if it's worth it because a lot of people say the practice tests are much much easier than the actual test. Are there any other free online websites that have good practice questions or exams?