Teacher offering Ativan scripts....?

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I would love to hear the other side of the story. I wonder what the actual wording was. Perhaps he/she was alerting the class that this was an option for people with severe test anxiety. Hard to know.

My feeling though is that you have not been harmed in any way so what is the big deal? If you continue tilting at windmills like this I predict you will never make it through school. Quite frankly I very much doubt your interpretation of the events/intent of what was said. And i wonder why you would waste so much energy on it because IF an offer like that was made then all you do is not act on it.

If I am totally wrong in what I am saying please clarify so I can understand better what you are so upset about.

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It's the timeline that is strange to me. The OP says the offer was made in school orientation. But in other posts he/she has indicated she in her last semester?

Did this comment happen, then months passed in which there were academic struggles, now it's being revisited?

Thank you everyone.... all the comments ( "good" and "bad") have been tremendously helpful and has given me a way to look at it differently - which was what I was going for. Thanks again and... happy nursing :)

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