TCU CRNA program for Jan 2018



I am working on submitting my application for the TCU CRNA program 2018. Anyone else applying? Seems like TCU has a pretty good program. Does anyone have any insight on how the clinical sites are assigned? Or how likely it is for the clinical sites to be changed once awarded on your acceptance letter?

emtjamie, ASN

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I am applying as well. I have heard decent things about the program and it is very appealing to me due to the location. Where are you located?


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I would be relocating from Oregon, but have family in the Dallas area. Are you applying anywhere else? I was considering Baylor as well.


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I am applying to TCU as well. I currently live in Kentucky but I am originally from New Mexico. I have also heard great things about the program. I heard that you usually get one of your top 3 choices and that people that live in the Dallas area get first pick if they want to stay in that area.

emtjamie, ASN

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I am applying to a few other texas schools but no baylor this year. As well as Tennessee schools. I am trying to apply to several places, since my first degree gpa was lower than I would like.


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It is my understanding (based on info from the TCU website) that preference for clinical site is given to individuals with ties to that clinical area -I.E. family, hometown, or housing. I would imagine that it also depends on the amount of applicants and the number of applicants to a given clinical area. I have also applied to TCU for 1-2018. Good luck to the other applicants!


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im applying this year as well! good luck to all!


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I am also applying to TCU as well. Good luck all! :)


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I live in Dallas and am applying to TCU as well! Good luck!


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Hello, applying to TCU as well. I have interview date for 8/29. anybody heard anything?


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Does anyone care to share their stats?


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Hi @corgiRN, I just turned in all my stuff 3 weeks ago and have not heard back from the school. When did you submit all of your application materials??