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  1. Attend Diversity CRNA info session?

    Hi CV_RNtoCRNA, I attended one of their info sessions in 2016 and I am a SRNA about halfway through my Anesthesia program. I highly encourage you to attended the info session if you are serious about getting into CRNA school. The insight into the p...
  2. Wayne State CRNA 2018

    Hi ETT 8.0. They called the cohort that was accepted last week Wednesday. Good Luck!
  3. TCU CRNA program for Jan 2018

    Darryl T.
  4. TCU CRNA program for Jan 2018

    Yes I got in!! I'm super excited!!!! My clinical site is Dayton, OH.
  5. TCU CRNA program for Jan 2018

    I interviewed yesterday. It was a great experience. I feel like the interview wasn't that bad. I did stumble on a few questions tho. Everybody that I met was so nice and helpful. We will find out next week if we got in or not.
  6. TCU CRNA program for Jan 2018

    I'm anxious lol. I just want to get the interview over with so I can find out if I got in or not. It's taking forever.
  7. TCU CRNA program for Jan 2018

    Yes I got an interview for Aug 29!!! And for all those people that did not get an interview, I would contact the school and ask why. I was denied an interview from 3 schools before TCU. It's definitely a tough process. I wish you all nothing but ...
  8. TCU CRNA program for Jan 2018

    For all the people wondering when we will here back for an interview, this was taken directly from TCU's website: "DNP-A application deadlines: July 1st for class beginning the next year. Completed early applications will be given preference for inte...
  9. TCU CRNA program for Jan 2018

    Hi @corgiRN, I just turned in all my stuff 3 weeks ago and have not heard back from the school. When did you submit all of your application materials??
  10. Competitive applications

    Hi pnaglitch, In order to be more competitive, I would say volunteer more, join some committees on your unit, attend a conference, get more certs. (i.e. TNCC and ATCN), and transfer to a Level 1 trauma ICU. Also, apply to more schools. Your stats m...
  11. University of Pittsburgh CRNA Program 2018

    Hi cmw910, Do you know why they extended the deadline?
  12. Civilian Nurse in San Diego

    They are offering me a step 1. I have my BSN and 1 1/2 years of ICU experience. I will definitely try and negotiate with them!! In the job posting it said relocation was authorized but I haven't talked to HR yet. My Fiancé thinks it's a good idea ...
  13. Civilian Nurse in San Diego

    I have been offered a civilian RN position at Navy Medical Center San Diego. Initially I was super excited and grateful for this once in a lifetime opportunity to move from the midwest but reality set in. I have a wife and 3 kids and moving across c...
  14. Return to CRNA school or go for MDA

    The real question is do you want to be a MD or a Nurse? If this was me I would choose the DNP CRNA route just for the fact that you have kids. Family time is very valuable. This route is a lot shorter and less sacrifice for your family. The MD rout...
  15. University of Pittsburgh question

    The deadline is Jan. 15, 2016 for the cohort Aug. 2016 and Jan. 2017.