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I read in one of your posts that you go to Baylor School of Nursing. Is that the one in Dallas at Baylor University Medical Center? That's where I work. I am doing my prereqs now at a junior college and considering nursing school either at Baylor or UTA.

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Yes, the nursing school is right across the street from the hospital. Have you applied yet? If you want to know everything about Baylor, the good (and the bad), just let me know, I'd be happy to let you know what's going on!

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I haven't applied yet, I still have about a year to go on the pre-req's. I am interested in Baylor, but I read that tuition is alot higher than at UTA and that they have fewer openings available. It would be convenient to go to school across the street from my work though! I'd rather go to Baylor than UTA, but I'm discouraged about some of the things I've heard. I'd love to hear your insight on the program, the good and the bad! Thanks! :D



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Oh, gosh, Baylor is ridiculous, even with the scholarships. Next semester, I'm taking 16 hours, and I'm sure the bill will be over $5000, easily. The best thing about Baylor is that they will work with you. Financial aid is easy to apply for and they have a 5 semester option that many people do to reduce the load. The teachers are good, most of the time. But at Baylor you have to make a 91 for an A, and 81 for a B, and a 71 to pass. Some instructors will round, for example a 70.6 would pass you, and others do bonus points. Those bonus points have been life savers, I mean we are talking 5-10 extra points added to your final test grade. That's the best. They will also give you second chances on math tests and skill tests, unless you are a last semester senior, which would make sense. The worst is that you have to draw numbers for registration, and if you get a crappy number, then you probably won't get into what you want. The office ladies are always there and very good with questions. Feel free to call them and UTA for more info about the programs. You can also ask me if you have any more questions. Baylor is good, and hospitals come to the school all the time to recruit the seniors. Good luck!

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I had to comment on your grades for passing at your school. Sorry, couldn't resist.

In the nursing department at the university I attend you have to have a 74 or above. You can repeat a course one time and if you do not pass it then, you are out of the nursing program. You have to have a "C" in all pre-req's. It's tough, but our school has the highest pass rate for NCLEX in our area, so I guess there is a method to their madness.

Welcom to the crazy world of student nursing. Just keep repeating "nursing, nursing, nursing, nursing" about a zillion times and you'll get the idea. Have fun and if you need any help, just ask us. Someone will have an answer for you. Everyone has helped me out allot!! WELCOME!!!


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essarge: this is sad, but if it were that way at Baylor, then many people would not be there anymore. I think that there are a lot of people who make low C's and are thankful for them. That's good though, it sounds like you go to a great school. Good for you!:cool:


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Hey my school was the same way... I just graduated.. we needed a 75 to pass had to have C's in all prereq's and our QUIZES, CLINICAL, CLASS PARTICIPATION, DID NOT COUNT IF YOU DID NOT HAVE A 75 OR ABOVE WITH ALL OF YOUR FOUR EXAMS..... you were doomed if you didn't have a 75... It was hard but we had the highest NCLEX passing rate... But do say to yourself that you will do it because you love nursing and you are going to be a wonderful nurse if you have that attitude... the road may be rocky but keep your head up because I am telling you at your nurse pinning when you are standing there facing all your loved ones you will truly feel such a sense of accomplishment... I wish you the best of luck.....


Thanks for the info. I e-mailed an advisor at Baylor with some questions. I've already talked to the advisors at UTA. I appreciate the insight, I want to keep all my options open when considering schools. :cool:

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