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I live in the Tampa FL area and I am wanting to go into the nursing field.

I was looking at doing LPN so I can start working and then do LPN to RN bridge.

My question is, which schools around here will transfer credits so I can seek out a BSN in the future?


Or will I be starting from scratch when I want to do my BSN?

Also, if I went to ITT or UMA will employers laugh at this education and not hire me?

if you are referring to Ultimate Medical Academy I would run as fast as i can.

Erwin Tech and Brewster Votech offer very good LPN programs at a fraction of the cost and Hillsborough Community College will accept their credits and cut off one semester from their 4 semester RN program

WWW. Erwin.edu

Brewster Technical Center

Also Myptec.org Pinellas Votech

I think if an employer had the chance to pick between an ITT/UMA grad and a community college grad, they would go with the CCollege.

If you can't get into the community college, I would go votech LPN then Galen RN program. It's a private college but at least their reputation is a bit better.

Good luck

Thank you! I have looked at those two schools and I think I am going to try for the 2/13 LPN class at Erwin and then transfer to HCC.

My plan will be to try and get into Erwin's Lpn program 2/13 also!

Just FYI, I currently attend HCC RN program, and they have not in the recent past held the LPN-RN bridge program due to lack of interest and not enough participation. I would go straight for RN if I were you.

I am a current USF nursing student and started at SPC getting my AA. My question is why do you want to get your LPN then bridge over? You would save time and money by just getting your Associates in Nursing or even better, jump right into a BSN program. HCC and SPC have great Nursing programs and USF is awesome and can save you even more time (compared to getting your ADN then doing the RN to BSN)

The biggest issue is that you need to make sure that whatever school you go to is accredited. Credits do NOT transfer from non-accredited schools most of the time. Also, private schools will cost you 3-6 times as much for the same degree. As long as you keep your grades up, you should be able to get into SPC, HCC or USF.

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LPN courses don't count for any college credit, don't waste your time. Go straight to an RN program you wont regret it

You may want to try Everest University in Tampa-they have a two year RN program and are about to be NLNAC accredited...it's expensive and they have a pretty good reputation ( new nursing program, good pass rate).

Do not attend Ultimate Medical Academy...

Having attended SPC for my AA and a current USF Nursing student, I see that there are those that my be mistaken about some of the for-profit RN programs. There are for-profit places such as Everest University or Ultimate Academy that have programs BUT anything you do at those schools will NOT transfer to getting your BSN. The best advice that anyone can give you is to keep your grades up and get into one of community college programs or a university. It will be cheaper and you are assured that the classes you take will transfer. This becomes an issue if in the future you want to get a higher nursing degree or even a different degree such as Public Health because you will already have many of the pre-requisites completed. The advisors at the community colleges are a great place to start if you need to talk to someone. It's best to talk to the Nursing advisors because they have the most up to date info about the nursing programs. They can even break down the costs of the program for you if you are comparing programs.

Also you will pay about 5 times as much going to a for-profit as you will if you went to Hillsborough Community College, St Petersburg College or the University of South Florida. Pasco County also has a RN program at their community college. The tuition rates at community colleges are about $100 per credit hour and the tuition rate at USF is $215 a credit hour. I am taking 13 credit hours this semester and my tuition was $2799. When I was at SPC, my tuition ran about $1300 per semester. I understand that there are ways to pay for overpriced program but unless you have that kind of cash sitting around then why not save a ton of money.


While I agree with you on the for profit schools...some of us don't have years to wait. My situation is a little different. I have a bachelors degree in another field...so I'm going to obtain my ADN then move to MSN..most MSN programs don't care where you obtained your RN and if you have a bachelors degree you can get into the program ( a lot of programs state if you have a bachelors degree in another field, you can apply). The pre-reqs for most MSN program's are that you have an active RN license.

Not to burst anyone's bubble but I spoke with everyone ( SPC, USF, UT) and was told if I do not have at least a 3.8 I won't be accepted-I have a 3.4..so I can waste another 2 years and hope I can get my GPA up or start school now..

Everyone is different but if the college is accredited who cares? Several nurses I know attended for profit schools and paid off the debt, yes it took three years of being cheap and not being able to take vacations but as one of my friends said " if I didn't attend xyz, I'd still be waiting at SPC."

Red35- I agree that there are some circumstances that will make a person go to one of those schools. My point is that if at all possible, try to go to a regular college or university. I do know that here at USF, to get an MSN or BSN you must still meet all the pre-req and Gen education requirements in addition to having an active RN license. So making sure that the classes you take will transfer is wise if someone plans on getting a higher degree at some point.

Yes, you do need a high GPA to get into nursing school but is doable. Considering that you already have a bachelors degree, the Second Degree Program is an intense BSN Program at USF that designed for students with a Bachelor's in another field. They finish the program in 4 semesters and need a minimum GPA of 3.0. The Second Degree Sequence does not need the same super high GPA to be competitive. It is an option for those that are going back to school.

There are many ways that people become nurses and none is more correct than another. I was not trying to bash the other programs, they are fine as long as the person fully knows how the program will or will not help you in the future. All too often, in my experience, for-profit schools tend to not by entirely truthful when recruiting a student. I looked into the schools that would be quicker and much of what I was told by those schools was misleading in regard to being able to pursue a higher degree later on. If I had not looked thoroughly into all the options I would have been quite upset because I need to obtain a BSN.

I spoke with an advisor at USF and I was told if you do not have a 3.9 GPA, your chances are slim, fat, and none...the school I'm going to attend is NLNAC accred. ( will be) in Jan 2013..trust me I don't want to spend the big bucks but I also don't have years to wait...I'm not young and I do not want to be out of the work force for 2-4 years trying to get into nursing school..then another 2 years in school. It isn't feasable...since I have a bachelor degree I can enter a MSN program anyway ( they call it a direct entry)..I know everyone is different but to me getting in now and the program being NLNAC accred. are the most important ( well being a great nurse which is a given too). After school, I can move pretty much anywhere to work...

I understand people's view when they state people are spending too much on nursing schools...but unfortunately a lot of us have to if we are changing careers because we aren't 20 years old and can't afford to wait years in hopes of getting in. Trust me I'd love to attend USF or SPC but since I'm considered "average" and not the best or brightest, my chances seem to be slim. Which is okay, colleges are a business as well...

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