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Looking for tall and smaller scrub bottoms I'm 5'8 and wear size 2-4 reg pants I wear Dickie's pants and length wise are ok but I look like boy bottoms. I'm not too curvy but I love nurses who wear tighter pants mine are super loose in not talking like skinny jeans but maybe 1/4 off from the width of my reg scrub pants please help

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Cherokee Workwear scrub bottoms come with a 34 inch inseam if you order the tall length. They also come in extra small and small.

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dickies hip flip are pretty skinny, blue sky also has a skinny scrubs and they can custom make them to your size and length

I'm 5'9" and wear a size 6.. I really like Koi "Lindsey" pants. Girly cut and flattering! If you have a reaaaally long inseam, they do come in Tall. But I can get away with the regular length, and I have a 33-inch inseam.

Koi says their tall is 33" so if you're. WahineMakai, getting by with a regular either your legs are shorter than you think or Koi is longer than they advertise. I've been on the net for over three hours yesterday and today trying to find some xtall or xxtall and there are'nt any out there. My daughter needs a 37" inseam and the closest I found was a 36" unhemmed. Granted she likes them to touch the floor when she's bare foot but who dosen't. I'm going to have to make hers but then I made her jeans for years until we found Alloy.com. She is also an xsmall. I do some sewing, not as much as I used to when my girls were young and at home. I'd be more than willing to help with your problem. You can reach me at [email protected]

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