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Hello Everyone,

I have been reading these posts for years and today I finally decided it's my time. I hope someone actually responds... I just want to get some things off my chest.

My question for everyone is this... I took the HESI and plan to take the Teas in another week. I need at least a 68% to pass and get accepted into the RN program. I don't want to buy another book. I already have the HESI Elsevier - Health Sciences Division. Can that be enough to get a passing grade?

If you want to know what happened today during the Hesi...please see below.

Today I took the HESI exam and I received an 80% average overall. I was very disappointed since the program I planned to apply to required that I have at LEAST a 85% or way higher to even bother applying. (Excuse my GRAMMER... I had a few glasses of wine) I plan to apply anyway even after being told by the academic advisor that it is not even worth the effort.

I want to explain that I did a WHOLE LOT OF STUDYING. I studied for several (5 - 7 hours) per day for several weeks. I was expecting to do very well... I got over confident.

Areas I had issues... Vocab and Biology. I thought the vocab would have been easy, but it was one of my lower scores...besides BIOLOGY!!! I am 31 and have not taken Biology since high school and it showed all over that test.

I used test guide - Admission Assessment Exam Review - Elsevier - Health Sciences Division. On my Hesi exam I had to completed Reading Comp, Vocab, Math, Bio and A&P. The book made me feel VERY confident. I thought I had that test in the bag!!! I started the test with RC and I felt great, it was exactly what I learned in the book. Then Vocab and I still felt "great"... some words were unfamiliar, but thought it wasn't anything to be too concerned about. Math was exactly what I learned in the book... every last thing. (my school does not allow scrap paper...so confirm that on your end.) Make sure you know your RATIOs, Fractions, percentages and most of all >. A&P and Bio!! I did not have to do Chem!! (THANK GOD). Bio I bombed it! I THOUGHT I studied. Only a few questions were recognizable. I have not taken Bio since high school and it showed today. Everything I studied in the HESI book was hardly part of any of the questions I SAW. There were some questions regarding the microscope...which was not mentioned in the Hesi prep book. In A&P I did fairly well, but most of the questions were details I remembered in A&P 1 and some A&P 2...not actual details learned in the book. So... regarding science...the HESI prep book should not be your only recourse. Use the actual Bio or A&P text book if you have it...take a class...do anything you can do, but do not rely on this book to help you pass...IT WILL NOT HELP YOU!!! (THAT IS MY PERSONAL OPINION.) If you know you won't pass the science with a "High Enough" score... then FOCUS FOCUS FOCUSSSS on the other sections. Dream about them at night. Never assume you have it in the bag...study even if you think it's easy. I learned my lesson...score on vocab was 73%.


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I took both the HESI and the TEAS, and thought the HESI was so much easier. Try finding some general nursing entrance exam study guides at your local library. There are also a few free websites you can use to study from as well. Good Luck!

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This is all I know:::

My local university uses the TEAS V testing, I have heard HESI is harder tho... I do not know as I have never taken it.

Here is was I use to study.. I know most programs require a 68% to get in with TEAS V

1.) ATI Study Manuel

2.) Keshwani Prep on Youtube goes over the exact problem in the ATI manuel... very helpful.

3.) Brightstorm on youtube for science

4.) Mometrix Prep on youtube for vocab

I also have a youtube channel following my Nursing journey and have some useful info

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I have never taken the HESI, however I have taken the TEAS. I would highly reccomend buying the ATI Study Manual and the Practice tests (I understand you don't want to spend money but it truly is helpful) if you want to get a high score. The practice tests help you understand how the test makers want you to think and will break down the areas you need to focus on the most. I'm sure like the HESI you will want to study outside of the study guide for science because trust me there is absolutely Chemistry on the TEAS and focus on your AP 2. There is not a vocab section on the TEAS but you may get a couple questions asking you to use context clues to determine the meaning of the word. Hope this helps!