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Recently I just entered a surgical tech course to get me into the operating room. Currently I'm an RN with a bachelor you might be wondering why am I doing this...1) Due to the economy no hospital in the area I live is willing to train or spend the money for RN to be train in the operating room. Right now I'm just learning a lot in the surgical tech course but of course nothing about circulating as RN in the operating room. My question is will my chances be good in landing an operating room job once I'm done with this course? and even though as RN I have no circulating experience? I will have internship of 16 weeks in just scrubbing, at two hospitals (8 weeks each). I know its sort of taking a step back, but I know the operating room is what I want do and I do want be a nurse that knows how to scrub as well circulate. Everyone that I spoke to tells me to be a good circulator RN, you need to anticipate what a scrub or surgeon needs and understand the whole picture of the OR. Any point of view will be greatly appreciated.


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What area do you live in?

I like your motivation. You will be a much better circulator if you can scrub. You will also be a much more desirable hire if you can scrub..... kudos to you for keeping on your pathway.

hello argo,

Thanks for replying, I live in the california (bay area). Due to the economy a lot of these OR places are looking for only nurses with Operating Room Experience. I been going from place to place and no really wants to train me to scrub ontop of circulate. I figure as well I just don't want be train to just circulate, which is what Kaiser is doing just training RN's to circulate and nothing about scrubbing. So I figure take a surgical tech course, since no RN operating Room class is availabe all has been cut off. At least I can add to my resume I did scrub rotations, and all the hospital need to worry about is the "circulating" part. What do you think?;)


Dropping in to wish you the best with the OR career plan.

The economy is challenging , continue to pursue your steps needed

to obtain your goal. You could check with your states nurses association

and the national or nurse organizations. These associations often

have local chapters. They may be able to have you talk with a mentor

or 2 for guidance on how best to continue to make yourself an attractive


Best wishes !

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You are absolutely doing the right thing. An OR nurse who is proficient in both circulating and scrubbing is a definite asset to any OR.

I hope you make good contacts while out on your tech clinicals, and that someone hires you ASAP. Good luck to you, and welcome to the club :)

I am planning to do the same thing. Since it's has been a year already, I wonder if you are in the OR as you wish. Thank You. ;)

I'm wondering what the OP did as well...I'm currently on a med surg floor and have been thinking about doing the same thing. I really want to work in the OR....however, I'm feeling cheap about spending the money for the class. Im still a new grad, so I figure I will work med surg for a year to get that experience and then try and see if hiring in the ORs pick up.

I am also wondering if the OP had any luck. I am really interested in the OR but all the hospitals around here require previous experience.

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