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I recently found that SUNY Learning Network provides A&P and Micro online (with lab components). Anyone have experience with these courses? Also, did you experience any trouble having your nursing program accept these courses being that they were taken online? Particulary, SUNY Downstate (if applicable)? It would be great if I had this option considering that I work full time. Thanks.


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I work full time and did all of my pre-req's: chem, micro, a & p I,II online through the SUNY Learning Network. I highly recommend it. I had to buy a lab kit for micro, but that was the only extra expense. I never could have worked and done all that driving. On transcripts, there is no indication if you took the class online or in a traditional classroom setting. GO FOR IT!


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Scooter, Where are you going to nursing school? I'm considering Columbia, Downstate and Hunter. I know Columbia will accept them, but I'm not sure about Downstate or Hunter.


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On transcripts, it does not say "taken online". The online courses are as good as a class room setting if you are a self directed learner.


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Can anyone explain how SUNY online works? Do you pay for the courses individually? Is there a degree you can attempt just to get the pre-req's needed? I work funny hours and often have mandatory overtime. Going to a campus for classes right now is not an option.


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Everything about it is the same as registering for a traditional class. Ditto for financial aid.

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