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I am new here, just finishing up my pre reqs to apply in the fall. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on taking the Nutrition class before my basic Chem class. The counselor I talked to thinks that I should definately take the Chem class first since Nutrition has chem in it? Of course I can only find the Nutrition class for this semester...so I was wondering if it might be do-able to take Nutrition before Chem and get a good grade. Thanks in advance for any advice!


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I think you will do just fine. Nutrition was the very first science course I took and I took it online to boot, and got an A! I literally read my textbook cover to cover. And 2 years later I am now finishing up CHM 101 and haven't had one single problem. All the chemistry information you need is built into the text and there is additional information in the appendix. I honestly don't think taking CHM beforehand would have helped me all that much.

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I took nutrition and chem at the same time, I'll be finished on Friday with As in both. There is a little bit of chemistry, but nothing major like FurtureNOVARN said. It should not be a problem taking nutrition before chem if you want to.


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Thank you both for your reply. I already have registered for the Nutrition class, but I was feeling doubtful after talking to the counselor. I have changed my schedule sooo many times it is ridiculous! Thanks again.


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I would take chemistry first it would be to your advantage, but there's not that much hard chemistry in Nutrition...


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Even though you have already signed up for the class I though I would post anyways.

I'm taking nutrition right now and am taking my chem this summer and I haven't had any problem with it. I don't know how your schools nutrition is but mine doesn't really go in depth in chem and I know nothing about chem and I got an A.

So if your class is anything like mine you should do fine.

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