Taking NCLEX in 2 weeks! Need advice!!

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I am taking my NCLEX RN in 2 weeks and I have been studying for close to 2 months now. I did really well in all of my class throughout my program, getting As and Bs. I am now struggling with retaining content. I have been using the Saunders 2016 book for a review on the content, along with going over the powerpoints from class. I have made 70 pages of notes and too many note cards. My issue is that I am scoring so low on UWorld that I almost don't even want to do any more of the questions. I have done about 200 questions and they have me listed in the 16th percentile. I feel horrible about this. So I went to use ATI in hopes that this would make me feel a little better and I am scoring 66 and 70 as an individual score on RN comprehensive exams for 2016 and 2019. I would hate to push my exam back since I graduated in May and it's been difficult to find open appointments to take it. Advice and suggestions are appreciated. I am freaking out over here. Thank you.


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I failed mine the first time and to study for the second time I’m focusing really hard on rationales by writing them all out. I was just going through questions before and not reading rationales. I really hope what I’m doing helps. You sound well prepared! Focus on your notes and don’t be nervous! Also know lab values which I have to work on as well. You got this!


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First and foremost, make sure you are taking care of yourself. Make sure you are sleeping, eating, and taking breaks. Go out in your yard or neighborhood and get some fresh air. You can't do well on an exam if you aren't taking care of yourself. That's a major thing in nursing, we don't take care of ourselves. After that, keep doing questions. Read each question and see what you know and what you are trying to find. Don't look at the answers until you think about it. Also, remember that just because the client in the question is maternity/psych/ect., does not mean that it's asking you about one of those specialties, most likely it is med/surg. Once you've thought about what information you have and what you're looking for you can look at the answers and right away, you can usually get rid of one answer. Beyond that, look at each answer individually and compare it to the question. Think back to what you're looking for. Also if you get a question wrong, right down what you need to study. If it's on UWorld, they give you those fabulous rationals and that will guide you. Do all of the questions you can and that should help (within reasonable sanity). The more comfortable you are doing questions, the better you will do. Plus, UWorld looks and feels exactly like the NCLEX and honestly UWorld is so much harder. You should also try to reach out to your peers and professors. See of they have any suggestions and you can always study with your classmates over zoom or skype. If in a week, you're still not doing as well, consider rescheduling. I wouldn't push it off too much but all of your graduating class pulled the short straw this year and you are allowed to take a little longer to take the boards. Remember also that you can always book longer out than you want to take it and check everyday for cancellations if the date you want is unavailable. I got to take mine a week and a half earlier than scheduled that way, but I also only had 24 hours notice to take them at that point (I cried approximately 14 of those 24 hours, needless to say). Also, passing the first time doesn't always happen and it is NOT the end of the world. If anything, it teaches you that you can survive anything and it makes when you pass even better. You have got this! I wish I could remember more to help, but it's been a bit.

Thank you for the kind words!! I ended up pushing it back a week and guess what? I passed NCLEX in 60 questions!!


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