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Taking NCLEX RN next week


Hi everyone!

I graduated from a BSN program this May and I'm taking the NCLEX RN in Connecticut next week- I can't believe the time is here already! My nursing program included the Kaplan review and the Don Anderson Review (from Massachusetts). Don Anderson was a content review with some practice questions for those who don't know. I also used the Prioritization, Delegation and Assignment book by LaCharity to prep for the test. I'll have studied for about 5 weeks by the time I sit for the exam next week and spent about the first 2 weeks focusing on content while still doing about 50 questions a day. From there, I did mostly questions anywhere from 50-200 and then just went back and reviewed the content I did not know/read remediations, etc. For Kaplan, I ended my Q-bank with a 57% (not great, but close to the recommended 60%+) and did anywhere from high 50's to low 70's on the QT tests. I typically got 70% plus on the questions from LaCharity. From now until next Tuesday, I plan to continue reading remediation's from Kaplan- haven't completely finished those yet and making sure I have lab values memorized. Unfortunately I started my summer job this week so I don't have all day like I did in the previous weeks to utilize studying, but any advice for these last few days? Did I use enough studying material? Any other specific topics I really should have locked down beyond labs? I feel confident some days, others not so much. Hoping to pass the first time so trying to stay calm but can't help but feel anxious and nervous!

Thanks guys!

All I can tell you is practise questions and stop reading