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Taking NCLEX-PN for the 2nd time...SCARED!


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Hi to all,

This is my second time to take the damn test and I am scared to death to fail again. I have not schedule it but hopefully i will after my review class in Chicago at Excell Nursing Review is over. A week after maybe. Right now i am doing Kaplan book and i think it really help me quite a bit on understanding strategies and how to answer questions base on nursing knowledge. But right now i am still apprehensive about it. I know i am doing it right this time but the feeling of failing again its so horrible. It still hunt me until now...I know my weakness medsurgs, pharma and peds but it seems like im not getting enough of it...Anyone here really can tell what the NCLEX is looking for...i know its how you act and decide as a nurse but what is really? why they make it so hard to pass this damn exam..so frustrating. I cant even memorize drugs ..there tons of it..and you dont know what will come up..its just so stupid...Oh well..I just hope i pass this time..I dont want to fail again ..Any HELP would be helpfull thanks....:loveya:I am tired of studying this stuff over and over , everyday then taking practice exam..I dont have a life anymore...I am getting tired of it..but i know that i need to do it to improve my life for the better..but it sucks!!

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