Taking Nclex next week!!


I have been trying to prepare for my NCLEX but I am still not feeling confident. I go for my exam Wendesday morning. I have been doing the questions through NCSBN but I have been scoring in the high 60's and sometimes higher. I have scored above only a few times and that a few of those times have been on retakes. I find that I change answers on some from the right to the wrong and I still feel unclear on some topics. I feel I may not be as prepared but I have to take it for my job. I have the Kaplan qbank too and want to go through those this weekend as well. Any suggestions on what I should do? I am terrified that I am going to not do well :(


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From what I've heard, you will never "feel" ready for NCLEX.. I don't think anyone ever does lol the key is to believe in yourself and remain confident that you can pass.. Focus on the stem of the questions and the type of question they are.. Whether it's safety, priority etc and tune in to the "all except" or "what's most important" questions. I myself will be graduating soon as well (28 days woot!) so I'm sure I will find myself feeling exactly as you do, but just believe in yourself! You can do this! An don't you dare change those answers :-) Goodluck!!


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I am going to re-take my NCLEX second attempt soon too! My advise is to read and understand the stem of the questions and answer why! If you get Qtrainers or Qbanks do management care and Infections & control those are the highest in the board! I learned Least stable: Acute over Chronic look at key words such as (Recently admitted, changing condition, new admission, critical lb, hemorrhage those unstable) Most stable are (ready for, to be discharged, chronic conditions, hx of, unchanging, consistent v/s) I learned those from watching you Tube videos make sure you know your labs & ABG you can write them down and know your infection & control (droplet, contact, standard, airbone) Good luck!!