Taking NCLEX next week. Need help on antipsychotic meds and other questions

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Ok, antipsychotics cause a lot of side effects. If the nclex has SE of these, does this mean that you should stop the med.

Tardive dyskinesia

Neuroleptic malignant syndrome

Extrapyramidal effects


Anticholinergic effects.

Ok I know the symptoms of all of these, BUT should you stop the med if encounter these SE's.

E.g. If a patient on haldol and has dry mouth, blurred vision and constipation (Anticholinergic effects) - do you stop the medication?

And are these side effects specific to any one class of antipsychotics? E.g. Antidepressants cause Extrapyramidal effects. Antiemetic causes anticholinergic

They way I am looking at it now - Any antipsychotics can cause any of these side effects. If the NCLEX has a question of a antipsychotic med and any of these SE;s occur - stop the medication or notify physician.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Notify the physician. Most psychotropics are not supposed to be abruptly stopped, but tapered. So look up which ones require that the patient be tapered off.


Im studying for NCLEX too.

pls correct me if i'm wrong..

i thnk.. it depends on the symptoms..

example, if dry mouth occurs, advise to eat/take hard candy..

another one... for pstural hypotension (anti psychotic) - advise to change postion slowly,..

with those.. really serious side effects/ adverse effects.. notify the doctor.. the doctor prescribed the medicine, he's the only one who can ORDER to stop/ DC it.. but as the above member's post... MOSTLY all medicines, are not stopped abruptly.. for it is dangerous.. it is TAPERED.

unless it is in IV bolus/drip form, and the patient shows allergic response, then u STOp th infusion...

hope you get my explanation.. and hope it helps!

good luck :)

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