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Taking NCLEX for the 2nd time...need advice!

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I'm new to allnurses.com and was reading a lot of responses on here and found them helpful to read. I just recently took the NCLEX RN exam (2 weeks ago) and did not pass. I have a new job at a hospital. I need some advice on what review seems to be really beneficial....obviously I did something wrong the first time in terms of how I studied. I would really appreciate some tips/advice. I feel some pressure to pass this next time. I felt like I worked really hard to prepare for the NCLEX and it was a let down when I did not pass. Thanks for your comments in advance!

Hi, I used Hurst Review and it worked very well for me. I felt like I knew everything I needed to for the NCLEX. If you can get the money then I would take a look into it.

Persistence is the key. Lots of people say they are successful using Saunders Comprehensive Review.

I understand what you are going through I am in the same boat. We will get through this by the grace of god!


Has 2 years experience.

I took mine a couple days ago. Test ended at 75 questions and I got the good pop up. For studying I went through a couple thousand NCLEX 4000 questions and I invested in the Hurst online review. I learned nothing new with Hurst but, the videos tied all of my education together into a tight, clear package. And they are very good about explaining what the NCLEX test is looking for in answering test questions.

One thing that Hurst emphasizes, that seems to be true, is that the NCLEX is not looking for the smartest nurse candidates, they are looking for safety minded candidates. That helped my mindset for the test.

I wish you luck on the second try.

Every person is different as far as what study skills works best for them. I failed the first time in March 2011 and went through ALL 265 questions, 5 1/2 hours of testing.

After I received my review from pearson vue on which areas I did not test well is how I tailored my studying for the next few weeks...I went to the library & checked out Kaplans test strategies testing booklet, which I read 3 times. And I did 250 questions daily from nclex 4000. You have the knowledge b/c you got through nursing school. I believe its not so much about the content but strategies of nclex questions which the kaplan book helps you break down.

This is just my own personal opinion. I ended up taking nclex again the end of May and passed with 75 questions :) Best of Luck to you!!

Thank you for your comments. I have heard the Hurst online review is good. I have already studied the Kaplan 2010 version book. I did like it. I will just need to figure out what study materials I will use for this next time!