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Taking Anatomy in Spring 2013


Hello, everyone.

I am taking Physiology this semester and it's almost over! :singing:

I only have Anatomy for my pre-requisite for the program.

I am half-excited and half-nervous about taking Anatomy.

Some of my friends who are Pre-Nursing major, like me, told me that since I took Physiology, I should be good-to-go with Anatomy class.

Any suggestions over the break I should do for the class?

Thank you in advance. :)

Anatomy and physiology are combined at my school, but the anatomy portion of the course is solely the lab. It is ALL memorization! If you want a head start, you can begin familiarizing yourself with the bones and muscles, especially their locations and insertions/origins, but it's hard to say because each school's curriculum differs in some way. Good luck! :)

physiology is pretty dry since it goes into a lot of details and annoying at times like that krebs cycle. for anatomy its pretty easy just use flashcards that you can buy to study for it will help a lot in memorizing the bones and locations and muscles of what attachs to what. basically anatomy is just knowing your whole body and names of the regions and what they do.

Anatomy and physiology is combined at my school too. The lab is anatomy and the lecture is physiology. I though anatomy was easier, though it is a lot of memorization. And since you've already had physiology you already know anatomy, you'll probably just get to know it a little deeper next semester.

I suggest flashcards and coloring books.

Good luck!