Take Teas before finishing prereqs or after?

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To get the best possible score do you recommend waiting until after finishing the prereqs or could you do it with maybe one semester left? I ask because I would like to apply to get in the january program so I would have to take the teas in August. If I wait until January when I am done with prereqs I won't be able to get in until August 2013.

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I think it really depends on what pre-req's you've taken and what you're still lacking. I know I took the TEAS before taking chemistry and then of course I struggled a bit with that on the TEAS. That being said, if you're using the ATI TEAS study guide, I don't think it really puts you at a big disadvantage. I would say to take it with more than enough time to study and be prepared to take it at least 30 days later, as you may not get the score you want on your first attempt. Good luck!

I plan on taking mine in late Sept. I will be in the middle of my Algebra Class by then and done will the rest of the prereqs. I also checked out a TEAS study book from the library that I hope to get thru by then. My application for Fall 2013 is due in January, so I wanted to leave a little margin to retake.


Get the ATI study guide and take the TEAS. Its pretty essential stuff on the test, things we would have learned in high school. If you don't pass it the first time - HEY at least you tried, and you will know what to study the next time and retake it in January!! :)

I took it twice... 60.4% the first time, bought the study guide and got an 80.7% the second time. 4 months apart.

Good luck!

I think it's best to take the TEAS after you've taken intermediate algebra or higher, bio, chem, and A&P.

Agree with others here, you absolutely need the ATI TEAS V study guide. It will help you become familiar with the test style and the logic behind it. The book has 2 practice tests that are very helpful. Go through the whole book and you should be good.

I took my test for the first time right before I took A&P 2, which was my last ADN prerequisite and I scored a 71%. I did great in science and reading, but I failed the english portion and barely passed math. Now, it had been probably 5 years since I took any math or english classes and I glazed over the study manual which was a big mistake. I took it for a 2nd time and scored a 77% and did much better in all 4 areas. According to my school, my score was "exceptional" compared to other students. I'm not thrilled with my score but I don't want to go through the stress of re-taking it. I would say that the best thing I did the 2nd time around was going through the study manual like it was my life. Also, side note: my program does not require chem and I have never taken chem in college and I feel like the study guide adequately prepared me for the test. I would say that you should sign up for the test ASAP, buy the study guide and study your butt off! Good luck! :)

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