should i take physiology and microbiology in one semester and earn an A


I am really stressing out if i should take physiology and microbiology plus statistics in one semester. Is it possible to earn an A? I do not work so i am just focusing in my studies and i need to take them in order to transfer from a community college to a CsU in two years. Has anyone else done this before and were successful? Help me!!


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Hi, I took micro and anatomy & physiology 2 as well as a psychology all in one semester. I was working full time and had a lot going on outside of school and work too so I didn't do so great in my classes, I got an A in psychology though and that one was online. A lot of my classmates were taking those classes together too and were doing great. If you aren't working and even if you are I think it is very possible to make A's in all of those you just have to make sure you study hard! It will be hard and a lot of work but you just have to really really get organized and use your time wisely. Make sure your professors are good too, you can try looking them up on and you can see the student reviews there. I think you CAN do it if you just discipline yourself and study really hard and organize yourself too! Good luck in whatever you choose!


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It really depends on you. This semester I took A&P 2, micro, sociology, music, and English 2 on top of having two toddlers and being a tutor at my school. I have a 4.0 for the semester. Honestly, the natural science classes go over a lot of similar material just at different points in the semester. I used my micro notes for two A&P tests and my A&P notes for a few micro tests. It works great for the lectures. Just be prepared to take maybe a test or quiz a week. Just remember there is no rush! Go at your own pace because taking one or two classes and getting A's is better than taking several and getting in over your head. I'm taking statistics in the spring along with Chemistry 2. Math is a work in progress for me so I take it easy when I take math courses.

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If this is your first time taking any bio/science classes, I would be a little hesitant on taking two at once. The main reason being that nursing programs are so difficult to get into that you don't want to chance getting less than an A in them if at all possible. However, I know of many people who have taken two in one semester and have pulled off A's in both.


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do you guys know if its possible to finish the prerequisites in spring, but i cannot apply to the nursing program till next fall. so I was wondering if i could still transfer to a CSU and take some support classes while waiting for the fall for the nursing program? and apply to the program. Right now I am at a community college and i really want to transfer in two years.

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I took micro and physio together and got A's in both but I wouldn't take them with STATS that's a whole other animal. Actually for me I dreaded stats. I would never recommend you take classes you have to get A's in along with STATS.

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It can be done, but you have to be driven, organized and plan on doing nothing in your (non existent) spare time. All it takes is one bad test day to ruin it all for you.

If you would like A's but would settle for a B, I'd say go for it.

If you have to have all A's, I would say put one of them off. All 3 are very difficult in their own way, IMO.


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thank you all for your answers I'm still a little undecided but i will decide when the time comes and just enjoy the present thanks!! and if u guys have some advice for me regarding your experience i will surely appreciate it


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Stats is not very math heavy but you do need to spend lots of time doing problems to get used to the methodology of solving them.

I agree with someone previously who said don't do physio+micro+ stats because that is a lot in one semester.

are you trying to cram in courses together to be done quicker less than 2 years?

i would recommend you if you still have time to not take physio and micro together because you want the best grades possible. I think if you were to take them together you may end up with a possibility of combination of grades you either want or don't want.

physio is a heavy science course that requires a lot of time to study for and micro is the same thing. You'll end up studying a lot.

you could take physio and something else that isn't a science course but isn't too intense either, the same could go for micro.

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IS it possible to earn an A? Well that depends on you. That is a totally subjective question because we all live our lives differently. Some are willing to give up partying every weekend to study. Some are not. Neither is right or wrong, but you have different results.


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I actually did the same thing! I took micro, physio and stats last Spring 2014. I got an A for all 3 BUT I have to warn you though, STATS will throw you off. It's a lot of work, even more than labs for micro and physio. I had to work part-time for that semester so thats also why it kinda threw me off. nevertheless, it is doable, allot so much time to read and read and read. get on to your reading starting day one. I kinda took it as a challenge to take those 3 classes. I told myself, if I cant do it, might as well not be a nurse coz damn some people do more than that. It is extremely competitive especially getting into CSU, so always challenge yourself and be happy when you achieve it :)