take a phlebotomy class while waiting to be hired?

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As a new grad, I was wondering whether getting certified in IV&Phlebotomy will give my resume an edge plus me an updated skill check since never really did it much in school.

or is a waste of my $$ since the hospital will have a class of its own once if i get hired.

any advice?

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At my hospital it would be a waste of money, to be honest. All new grad hires are sent to a phlebotomy/IV class, regardless of your previous experiences in nursing school. The exception seems to be my unit, but that's only because I'm in the NICU, and taking a class geared towards bigger vessels wouldn't be very useful.

How much would it cost? I can't say that it wouldn't give you an edge at any hospital, just not at mine.

I wish I had the time to take an extra phlebotomy course. I was "trained" at my job but that included only 3 blood draws and 10 IV starts, and since the aides I work with are supposed to do blood draws (except off of picc lines), I haven't had any practice. When someone's IV goes south we call the IV team. I know I could/should practice on people, but who has time with a pt load? I don't feel like I was adequately taught what veins I can or can't go after. I really wish I was more aggressive about learning, but the rest of the job is challenging enough :(.

I was considering taking an IV class even though I'm already working. I'm still afraid to start IVs. My work never offered an IV course, and I think it's a basic skill every nurse should have.

It wouldn't hurt if you have the time & can afford it. I am a new grad in CA & I have learned in my Job Search that having advanced certifications like ACLS really helps you stand out... but it's pricey. In this job market I think you should do whatever you can to stand out!

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I'd go for it!! I personally never got any experience with it in nursing school, and the class that was offered at my hospital isn't even taught anymore :mad:On a slow night shift, some of my coworkers let me practice on them, and I have a friend who is good at starting IVs teach me (I'm terrible at it!). I am thinking of taking a class myself soon, because I heard a rumor that our hospital's IV team was going to be discontinued....which terrifies me.

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