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  1. jeastridge

    STOP Measles: Nurses on Alert

    Looking through my Facebook posts the other night, I noticed our friendly local pediatrician had posted a photo of herself in the protective garb associated with examining someone with measles. It looked a little like a space suit and reminded the vi...
  2. With all the talk about the coronavirus, I wanted to share my experiences visiting China. A few years ago I traveled to Beijing and Shanghai as a tourist. While the country is amazing and has some unbelievable attractions, it is also obvious that th...
  3. Jenna Arsenault

    COVID: It's Time to be Outspoken

    I Am Sick of this Virus To say that I am sick of COVID-19 is an understatement. Thankfully I haven’t been physically sick from COVID-19 but the mental anguish has been significant. It’s been a year and a half of uncertainty, fear, isolation, anxi...
  4. Found at Delco Times June 12, 2020 AP and Kaiser News Report By MICHELLE R. SMITH, LAUREN WEBER and ANNA MARIA BARRY-JESTER Public health workers fighting virus face growing threats