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  1. Hi! I wanted to create a thread for those applying to Vanderbilt MSN via PreSpecialty Entry! I heard we will hear back before the holiday's if you apply in time for priority review. What speciality did you apply to?
  2. Kela Morris

    Vanderbilt PMHNP Fall 2024

    Hi! I wanted to create a thread specifically for MSN (RN) applicants for Vanderbilt's MSN Fall 2024 program. I applied for PMHNP by priority deadline and am awaiting admission decisions! I was wonder what everyone's GPA is looking like or if anyone ...
  3. Vanderbilt Fall 2024 FNP

    Anyone applying right now for fall entry? Any current students have any insight into the app process?
  4. Vanderbilt Nurse Residency 2024

    Hello everyone! I was just wondering if anyone has recently been accepted into Vanderbilts Nurse Residency program for late 2023 or early 2024? I am in my last semester of getting my RN, BSN and would like to apply to the Adult ED tract once it is op...
  5. Vanderbilt School of Nursing (VUSN) Launches Redesigned MSN Programs in Informatics, Leadership (December 2018) Vanderbilt University (a private entity) School of Nursing has redesigned two of its Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) specialty prog...
  6. ThatRedheadNurse

    Vanderbilt Nurse Residency 2023

    I have not found a thread for this upcoming Vanderbilt nurse residency cohort. I graduate Dec 9, 2022 and have applied for Vanderbilts nurse residency program. The start date would be for Feb 27, 2023. I just completed my final interview 2 days ago ...
  7. Vanderbilt NP Direct Entry 2022

    Hi everyone! I'm starting to think about my application this fall and thought I would start a forum for any prospective students interested in applying to Vanderbilt direct entry for 2022.
  8. I'm applying to the Fall 2023 Pre-specialty MSN program and I just wanted to open up a topic since I hadn't seen one yet. I would appreciate and advice, tips, FAQ, experiences, etc.
  9. AlexiaPsychRN

    Vanderbilt Direct Entry MSN 2023

    Hi! I wanted to create a thread specifically for direct entry applicants for Vanderbilt's MSN program 2023. I applied for PMH-NP by priority deadline and am awaiting admission decisions! They said most likely January and I'm curious if anyone has hea...
  10. Hi everyone! I haven't seen a post for VUMC's nurse residency Summer cohort so I wanted to make one!! I know that the application doesn't close until Feb 8th but just wanted to see if anyone has heard anything:)
  11. Hey, Im applying to the fall 2022 Pre-specialty MSN program and I just wanted to open up a topic since I hadn't seen one yet
  12. Vanderbilt Nurses

    My question, how many of you are thinking of quitting? I would not work there for any amount of money. They absolutely covered up the case and threw Radonda under the bus. And I realize no institution will look out for your best interest, but this w...
  13. Hey everyone! I didn't see a forum for people applying to the fall cohort at VUMC, so I thought I would make one. Good luck applying!
  14. Vanderbilt FNP/ENP program

    Does anyone have any insight regarding Vanderbilt’s FNP/ENP program? I’ve been accepted, but looking for pros/cons before I make a decision. TIA
  15. Vanderbilt Pre-Specialty Entry 2021

    I noticed there was not a thread created for Vanderbilt pre-specialty nursing for 2021, so I created one. Is anyone already preparing for this upcoming application cycle?
  16. Vanderbilt 2020 Pre Specialty

    I am making a post for all programs I am applying for that I have not seen thus far. I have been going into rabbit holes of previous year's posts for schools I am applying for. Vanderbilt has been my top choice since I decided to go into direct entry...
  17. I searched but did not see one started yet. I applied for TICU and Behavioral Health tracks. What did everyone else apply for? Hopefully we hear something soon!
  18. Vanderbilt 2021 Direct Entry

    Hey guys! Vandy's application opens tomorrow! I am so anxious to start the application. There is a Pre-Specialty thread already started so I want to start this one for direct entry. Post questions, comments, experiences, and anything else. Good luc...
  19. Vanderbilt MSN 2020

    I just attended Vanderbilt's fall open house for the 2020 year and I'm really excited to be applying! I'm hoping to connect with other Vandey applicants so we can offer support and info along this process. I am applying to the post BSN dual CNM/ FNP ...
  20. Can anyone PLEASE RECOMMEND or NOT RECOMMEND the Nurse Practitioner Schools Listed? whether this is FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE or personal reports someone you know, can you PLEASE advise on whether you would recommend either of these institutions for the N...
  21. Hello everyone! I haven't seen a thread for the fall program so I thought I'd start one. I applied to the Women's Health track and I'm on pins and needles waiting to hear back! Looking forward to connecting with you all ?
  22. Hey everyone! Just thought I would create a page for us to chat about the upcoming application process and everything that follows! I graduate in May 2020 and am hoping to apply for the CVICU or the adult ED.
  23. Hi guys! I have not seen a thread for the Vanderbilt Nurse Residency program for Winter 2021 and thought I'd make one! I am currently in the process of applying. I am on my first part of my application. I would love to hear whose applying, what unit...
  24. Hi guys! Vanderbilt's nurse residency program for Summer 2021 opened up yesterday. I'm starting this thread so we can all keep up with the process together! Who is applying?
  25. Hey! I know it is super early but I wanted to go ahead and start this thread. The application doesn't open until August 15th. Post you comments, questions, and anything else so we can connect and support throughout this process!

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