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  1. Jenna Arsenault

    COVID: It's Time to be Outspoken

    I Am Sick of this Virus To say that I am sick of COVID-19 is an understatement. Thankfully I haven’t been physically sick from COVID-19 but the mental anguish has been significant. It’s been a year and a half of uncertainty, fear, isolation, anxi...
  2. ICU Nurses Dealing with COVID Patients

    Hi forum. This question is for nurses that deal a lot with COVID patients so I'm thinking ICU nurses. Have you experienced vaccinated patients dying due to COVID complications???
  3. Say you got vaccinated and choose not to stand in the middle of the street to tell the world. Yet friend or coworker keeps nagging you to tell them if you did or not
  4. jive turkey

    Doctor refuses to treat the unvaccinated

    Alabama Doctor Refuses to Treat Unvaccinated COVID Patients
  5. So I wanted to come on here because I've been thinking about something and it has kinda taken away my excitement. So I haven't worked in 2 years and I haven't really had a hands-on, bedside care nursing experience since I graduated nursing schoo...