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  1. Carol Ebert

    Don't Just Stand There - Take a Leap!

    Leap days are extra days added to the calendar to help synchronize it with Earth’s orbit around the sun and the actual passing of the seasons.1 The Big Leap So why not take advantage of this phenomenon and apply it to your life. Here’s an idea. How about doing a Leap of your own? And maybe start it on that extra day of February 29, 2020. A great first step might be to read the book The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks which is what inspired me. Let’s discuss what a Big Leap might look like for you. Taking a Big Leap is a great reminder of how important it is to not settle for the status quo and sell yourself short from reaching your full potential. Do you even know what your full potential might be? If you do – fantastic! If you don’t maybe this information will be useful for you. It certainly has lit another fire under me to take what I am doing to the next level. First, consider why Big Leaps are part of the process of your own self-actualization. 4 Zones of Work Is that how you are feeling in your work and your life? Are you excited every day to enter that zone where everything seems to be clicking and you are truly joyful about what you are doing? Of course, it may not always feel that way, but does it feel that way most of the time? If not, let’s explore 4 zones of work and how you relate to each. 1. Zone of Incompetence. This is not your forte’. Many people can do it better than you. For me it is data entry. In my last job, even tho I was hired to create and present wellness programs, part of my job was to keep track of all the data and enter it, and for me it was very tedious, frustrating, stressful and painful. Sitting in front of a computer for hours and hours (yes there was a lot of data to enter) stressed me out to the max and I ended up with carpal tunnel, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, a bad attitude and finally a referral to counseling to learn to live with pain. This might be an extreme example of working in my zone of incompetence, but it happened and it probably happens to a lot of us who are assigned tasks that we have no business doing and doesn’t reflect our true genius. By the way – I did quit that job and all my symptoms went away once I left that stressful environment. Lesson learned! What experiences have you had or are having in the Zone of Incompetence? 2. Zone of Competence. You’re alright, but lots of others cope better. I have the capability of being an excellent worker at whatever task is assigned, am loyal, prompt, reliable and everyone knows they can count on me. If I don’t know how to do something I actively seek out how to do it and learn it when required. It may take me longer than someone else to learn the task, but I’m very persistent and will finally “get it”. I also know my limitations and know when I am out of my league. This brings back to mind when I first entered nursing and felt totally incompetent but always knew how to locate the resources and expertise I needed to get the experiences I needed to grow my level of competence. What examples suggest that you are or were residing in the Zone of Competence? 3. Zone of Excellence. You’re highly skilled and few can hold a candle to you. I’m a very experienced and seasoned Wellness Professional and have created, coordinated, managed, presented, and evaluated wellness programs for many years. I can “pull off’ programs big and small successfully. I am so comfortable with the process that I can get something up and running in no time and make it a success. Just recently, I wanted to get in front of people, agencies and services for “Active Older Adults” because they are my current target for my wellness services, so I created “Boomer Fest” – a resource fair for active older adults. It was a lot of work but because of my experience and competence putting on events, I had 30 vendors and very good attendance which in turn brought together all of the people I wanted to reach and they are now on my mailing list for future reference. What examples demonstrate when you are in your Zone of Excellence? 4. Zone of Genius. You’re literally the best in the world at it. You’ve heard the term “creative genius”? That’s how I see myself, and I might add I’m a bit cocky about it. I know it is a gift and I wish everyone could have it. I have the ability to come up with non-stop creative ideas and when I am around other “creatives” it becomes playtime. Bouncing new ideas off of each other is really fun and stimulating and just leads to more and more fun ideas. This is where time is irrelevant, I’m in the flow, life is good, and I feel at ease with the other creative brains I’m with. I’m with “my people”. I’ve often said I wish I could be paid for my ideas because I have so many and I see them all being extremely successful - if someone would just take them and run with it. What is your Zone of Genius and how and when are you “living it”? Your Goal Of these 4 zones, the goal is to reach your Zone of Genius and spend at least 70% of your time there. This might sound like a tall order, but remember you can never know what you can pull off if you don’t try. So, what are you waiting for? If you’re not going to reach your full potential, no one else is going to do it for you. Even if you only get there part time here or there, Pay attention to when you do get “in the zone” and remember how good it feels, and you will want more of the same. It’s Leap Year - so carve out the time to make your Big Leap!

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