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  1. Hunter College Generic 2024

    hi everyone, decisions are coming out soon and I'm wondering if you guys wanna share stats to compare to other people that applied!
  2. I applied to Hunter College's (in NYC) PMHNP program on 12/2023. This is to start fall 2024. I am wondering if there are others who have applied. My application status so far says "submitted". I am waiting for either rejection or appointment to be se...
  3. Hey, I recently applied to hunter's adult-gero program. I wanted to know if anyone had any status updates/changes since their application submission. For reference I submitted my application 2/5/2024
  4. Hunter College Psych NP (PMHNP) program

    Hi everyone, I've been accepted to the Hunter psych NP Program full time. However, I was wondering if anyone can give me some insight about the program regarding the level of difficulty and if I will be able to work full time and go to school full ti...
  5. Ethan Manalo

    Hunter College Generic 2023

    Hey guys, I'm just leaving this here to see if anyone else is also looking at these forums to compare their stats to other people that applied. Here are my current stats: GPA: 3.7 PAX: 163 hoping and praying ?