Hunter College Generic 2023


Hey guys, 

I'm just leaving this here to see if anyone else is also looking at these forums to compare their stats to other people that applied.

Here are my current stats:

GPA: 3.7

PAX: 163

hoping and praying 🙂

Ansun Chau

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Hay Bestie,

here's my stats so far but im pretty worried about this semester's ending grades...

NLN: 149

GPA: 4.0 (will be tanked this semester for sure)

I hope I get in 😞 or else this year will feel like a waste 😭. praying for both of us!!


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Hii, I'm pretty nervous about this semester too :((

My PAX score is a 149 and GPA is 4.0 right now.. manifesting for all of us fr


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Wow your pax is really high

nln: 151

GPA: 3.84

I didn't write a good essay so I'm not confident but hope I get in